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Make Free Video Calls with VoipNow on Android Smartphones

Linphone is an open source SIP client with video support. It lets you make SIP/VoIP calls from your Android device. It can be found in the Android market or alternatively it can be downloaded here.

Once Linphone is installed and properly configured, you’ll be able to make or receive calls over WiFi, 3G or EDGE connections. If you choose to make VoIP calls over 3G, check if there are any contractual impediments and make sure that your mobile phone carrier doesn’t block outgoing connections to port 5060.

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Join 4PSA at TelecomExpo 2011

Next month we will be present at TelecomExpo 2011, the leading tradeshow for telco professionals. Now at its eight edition, the event will take place on the 7th and 8th of December in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands.

TelecomExpo provides telecom professionals with valuable insights on the latest industry trends. It is the meeting place for ISPs, Carriers, Managed Service Providers, MVNOs, VoIP providers and more! More traditional companies as WAN and LAN providers will also be present, as well as consultants, distributors, resellers and system integrators.

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How to Make Free Calls on iPhone with VoipNow

CounterPath’s softphone for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad allows you to make calls through WiFi or 3G, using your VoipNow account. You can download the softphone from the iTunes website.

System requirements: iPhone 3GS or 4 running iOS 4.0 or later, iPod Touch (3rd Generation or later). It’s not recommended to use Bria on iPhone 3G, iPod 2nd generation or older devices.

The first thing you should do is to start Bria from your device’s menu.

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Free Calls Using 3G and WiFi on Android with VoipNow

SipDroid is an open source SIP client that allows you to make calls via SIP/VOIP on an Android device. SipDroid can be found in the Android Market or alternatively you can download it here.

Once installed and properly configured, you’ll be able to make or receive calls over WiFi, 3G or EDGE connections. SipDroid allows you to choose the network from WiFi, 3G or EDGE. If you want to make VoIP calls over 3G, check whether there is no contractual limitation and make sure that your mobile phone carrier does not block connection to port 5060.

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Fly in the Cloud with 4PSA at HostingCon

We keep bringing you closer to the Cloud. This time, we’ve given up on servers, wires and services and went for a more entertaining approach.

If you’re stopping by at HostingCon 2011 in San Diego this month, be sure to enter the contest held by Parallels together with their APS Partners! 4PSA puts up two prizes for Tuesday and Wednesday: AR.Drone quadricopter & 90-day VoipNow Cloud Instance!

We all know what a VoipNow Cloud Instance is. But what’s an AR.Drone?

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Gotta Share? Join The Social Unified Communications Group!

I’m a socially active user. I have a LinkedIn account for my business connections, Facebook for friends, and Twitter to stay updated with interesting news. Sometimes, I even write blog articles and torment my friends with them 😉 . But this does not stop me from sending emails, having voice calls or using the chat.

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4PSA = For Performance, Scalability and Agility

We are often asked what 4PSA means. Many people living in US heard about PSA and maybe not in the nicest circumstances. For them, this is just a medical term. Well, we are software developers, not doctors 🙂 And even though, if you want to explore the PSA meanings, there are quite a lot of them.

For us, 4PSA is an important part of our culture. It has been our name since day one. I won’t debate whether it’s a good or a bad name, I will only try to explain where it came from and what it means to us.

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SIP Presence Translation Service

SIP presence is a tricky subject, mainly because there are some different ways to achieve the same thing. VoIP users are interested to know if “something” has happened in their network. They don’t care how this is technically done, or how many RFCs describe a simple scenario. The truth is that there are indeed many RFCs that handle various aspects:

  • the message-summary event allows the user to learn about new voice mail messages
  • the dialog event advertises when users are initiating, accepting or terminating voice conversations
  • presence events let users know when the status of a resource has changed

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The Future Started Yesterday

Over 130 years ago, Graham Bell managed to get ahead his competitor Elisha Gray with just a few hours and fill in the paperwork required to patent the telephone. Even then, speed was essential in creating a technical advantage over the competition.

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