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The Audio Conference (Still) Rocks, Here’s Why

An audio conference is a meeting conducted by the means of audio communications with two or more people, who usually are in different locations. Instead of calling each other–like a traditional phone call–it allows different parties to join in by calling a number, either via the telephony network or through an Internet connection. And here comes the best part. In the post-COVID era, the audio conference could very well be our escape from the exhausting video meetings.

The Audio Conference Rocks, Here's Why

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VoipNow 3 – Release Candidate Is Available

VoipNow 3 passes another important milestone. Yesterday, the Release Candidate version was made public, which means that the GA version is going to be launched soon.

VoipNow 3 is almost feature-complete. We say “almost” because the final “twist” will be a surprise to our users, and will be wrapped up in the final release.

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VoipNow 3 – Amazon S3 Storage

Another interesting feature in VoipNow 3 is related to storage.

The industry has known many changes over the past years, but storage has remained a hot topic to the majority of Service Providers who consider scaling (read growing) their businesses.

Never Enough

Irrespective of how much storage space was available, sooner or later one would find herself / himself going out of space. This can apply to a personal computer, but also to the service provider’s environment when dealing with customer information.

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VoipNow 3 – Apps

We live in the era of apps. We have apps everywhere. Easy to use and performing very specific tasks, apps are the way to go. And with VoipNow 3, we introduce the support for apps.

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VoipNow 3 – Extension Virtualization

An interesting new feature in VoipNow 3 is called extension virtualization. As it might prove useful in many cases, let’s review it. This feature is going to be available in all editions of VoipNow 3.

The basic idea is that we want to separate the phone (device) from the functionality stack, which is setup by the user (features offered by VoipNow).

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VoipNow 3 – Account Levels (Service Provider Edition)

We continue our series of VoipNow 3 articles with another important improvement introduced by VoipNow 3 – account level reorganization.

This reorganization will affect any software integration you might have with VoipNow. Although we tried to preserve compatibility, it was not totally possible, therefore you have to modify your SystemAPI calls to match the new concepts.

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VoipNow 3 – The APIs

In the past week, we reached an important milestone – less than 100 bugs opened for the VoipNow 3 release. I know, it might sound a lot, but judging on the release size, they are a just few.

As the release could not take much longer, we are opening a series of short blog articles that describe the most important technical changes in VoipNow 3. We will focus on the changes that can affect you in a way or another.

Let’s start with the APIs. Many deployments use the APIs for provisioning operations (SystemAPI) or for controlling calls (CallAPI).

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Developers Wiki on 4PSA

Not so long ago, we celebrated 5 years of VoipNow. We appreciate the feedback we received from our customers and partners, whether it was by email, phone or on social networks. We do build Unified Communications solutions after all, so we greatly value having such diverse means of communication. However, in some cases, it’s important to provide a central, accessible resource where all documentation and feedback can be gathered.

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