Goodbye Cloud Night! Hello Spring Races!

I’ve never had the experience of an internship. Back when I started, you’d work under somebody’s wing for a week a max and that was it. No real internships. And so, every time we have students in our office, like we did three days ago at Cloud Night, I get slightly curious and envious. 🙂 I wish I had that too. A company that would open their offices just for me, introduce me to its teams, show me what they do, treat me like a professional, pamper me a little bit. And all that for my own growth, which would eventually lead to the company’s growth. Looks like a pretty fair chance to me.

But to see where I’m going with this, here’s how Cloud Night happened. Earlier this week, we had a group of students in our office. Almost each of our teams presented on a high level what they do as a daily routine and kind of advertised for the internship openings available in Cool Summer Internship 2014:

  • The Web Frontend Team delved into efficient ways to create web apps using Hubfront, our JavaScript App framework.
  • The Web Backend Team topped an otherwise technical presentation with a funny video recipe for building quality web services.
  • The SQA Team gave students 5 convincing reasons to join them. Plus, a junior developer offered valuable insights about her first month on the team.
  • The Core Team truly got to the core of resources and processes and made them easy to understand.
  • The Professional Services Team described customer support as challenging and entertaining as solving a (sometimes) 1,000 pieces puzzle 🙂 Ah, but the joy in looking at the final picture – we heard it’s priceless!
  • The HR Team gave the students inside information about the internships we had these past years.
Having fun at Cloud Night

Some of last year’s former interns, i.e. this year’s junior developers, also shared their start. All technicalities and fears included: what they learned, what scared them, what they loved about the challenges at 4PSA. And, as an even more solid proof that wherever there’s talent and hard-work, there’s a way, our CEO offered everyone a peek into his student years and announced the launch of Spring Races, our latest competition for students.

Speaking of which, Spring Races will kick off next week! Find out how you can win the US $3,000 prizes and the rules of the online hackathon in our next post. Stay tuned!


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  • Enough with the “drob”, let’s start the online hackathon!

    Sirbu Nicolae-Cezar 10 years ago Reply

    • We totally agree! Stay tuned to find out more regarding Spring Races.

      Blog wizard 10 years ago Reply

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