The Magic Of Seven – 7 Years Of VoipNow

From the dust of old centuries until today’s computer-driven and smartphone-glued society, seven has always been considered a magical number. Many believe in the power of seven, be they sorcerers or mathematicians, historians or, in the past decades, even psychologists. Seven days in the week, seven wonders of the world, seven primary colors, seven notes in the musical scale, seven ages of man, Miller’s law on human brain’s capacity of processing information, and the list can go on and on.

So, what makes this number so special? Depending on interest or vocation, you’ll get a different answer every time you ask this question. I’m no scientist, so my answer is not that complicated, yet it does have its touch of magic. 🙂

VoipNow was officially launched seven years ago! On May 30, 2006, 4PSA was the first company in the world to introduce a communication platform that enabled service providers to offer affordable VoIP services, a state-of-the-art substitute for traditional PBX boxes.



It has been a wonderful journey from day one, when the first idea of such a product popped into an architect’s mind. In the years that followed, it turned into a software used by millions of end-users all around the world and it will continue to do so as a platform for providing and using Unified Communications services.

In 2006, the market was still controlled by the giant telecoms. VoIP was considered cheap, low-quality, and insecure. Big, expensive boxes were the normal PBX that powered most offices. The world was not ready for a communications revolution, and yet VoipNow was exactly that! Then, step by step, after having invested a lot of effort in educating the market and as a result of the financial crisis that redefined budgets and forced changes on old, traditional communication flows, companies and individuals around the world started to grasp the huge benefits brought on by UC. That was exactly what service providers needed to embrace such services and start spreading the love. 😉

Before writing this article, I wanted to go back in time seven years ago and reminisce about that May 30 in 2006. I remembered the very first VoipNow order we received immediately after the product became available. Since then, thousands of service providers and millions of end-users have been using VoipNow.

On behalf of the entire 4PSA team, Thank You! Thank you for using VoipNow, for your help to continuously improve the product, for your feedback on new features and functionality, for running your business on VoipNow, and for putting your trust in our vision!

This is also a Big Thank You to All 4PSA Clouders that brought their contribution in the past and will continue to influence the development of VoipNow in the future, either as a member of the VoipNow Team or by being part of any other 4PSA team. It is also an invitation for future Clouders to come and join us in our wonderful journey.

Ever since we started 4PSA, our vision has been about making software that would help people improve their lives through technology. VoipNow has been carrying on this vision by enabling people to communicate better and more efficiently. The next step is extremely close and it will be our immense pleasure to share it with you.

Happy Birthday, VoipNow!

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