VoipNow Third Generation – Service Provider Edition Beta

A couple of hours ago we published the repository for VoipNow 3 Service Provider Edition Beta. It has been a long journey – more than 18 months since the first line of code was written, tens of private Scrum iterations and thousands of issues fixed in JIRA.


Many things we replaced were designed around 2005. It was fortunate for our company that we anticipated the cloud back then, but we could not foresee the latest technologies. 🙂

The new version makes huge steps forward. VoipNow Service Provider Edition GA will be, undoubtedly, the largest single release to date.

There are lots of changes, starting with the architecture, core software stack, distributed database layer, user interfaces, App engines etc. The industry evolves rapidly, so the changes we have made are natural evolution steps, with a twist of huge competitive advantage.

Although there are many new functionalities and improvements in this version that allow service providers to offer better services, VoipNow 3 is, before anything, an enabler. It enables us to execute our strategy for the following years. It has much potential to be revealed.

Thank You!

The release of the first Beta is just a milestone in this long journey. We haven’t reached our final destination yet, but we are rapidly progressing to the final release.

This journey has been made by special people that worked many times in exceptional conditions, innovating and pushing the limits of technologies.

I am very proud to lead such a unique and great team!

Get VoipNow 3 !

We invite you all to test the new product. I know that sometimes it was hard to send us your thoughts, therefore we made some improvements in our communication process as well.

Starting today, we launch our new Get Satisfaction community. Do not hesitate to send your wishes, ask questions or suggest ideas. You will see that the feedback collection is integrated directly in the VoipNow interface as well 🙂

Regarding Beta, this is just the first one. We will most likely update the public repository every week until the final release.

Do not upgrade any of your existing Professional systems to VoipNow Service Provider Edition. Not only will we not support this upgrade, but most likely you will no longer be able to upgrade to the GA version either!

So, use a clean virtual machine or cloud instance. Installation instructions are available here. We also published a short list that contains the most important improvements in the new generation.

Be aware that we also built the traditional Release Notes, they will help you when you want to upgrade from VoipNow Professional.

Do not forget about the online demo, it is available here.



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