VoipNow SPE 3.0.5 Is Now Available!

We’re glad to announce that VoipNow SPE 3.0.5 is here with new features, functionality improvements, important bug fixes, and security enhancements.

VoipNow SPE now allows users to manage calls more easily. If you have an extension with several DIDs, in a Unified API request you can view which of these DIDs was called. This feature can be used in a UnifiedAPI app to customize call flow based on CalledDID.

VoipNow SPE automatically gathers debug reports and sends them to our internal ticketing system. This comes as an interface option. Once it’s enabled, the system tracks down crashes, collects information, and automatically sends a bug report to our internal ticketing system. This will save time and significantly improve the communication flow between our partners and our Voipnow R&D Team.

Moreover, for this release we’ve added a series of important enhancements and performed more than 100 bug fixes. Here are a couple of juicy facts:

  • We’ve made UnifiedAPI even better through an increase in performance and tweaks on some methods, as suggested by our partners.
  • We have improved the System Installer.
  • Extra logging was added for the PBX Intercommunication Layer.
  • We have updated the web stack components.
  • We’ve added extensive information in the Account Overview Reports.

You also need to know that we’ve brought significant changes to the repository structure. Because of these changes, for this upgrade you will need the new Command Line installer. So, do not use the web management interface for it.

We hope you enjoy this release. Thank you for the support you showed us throughout the process. 🙂

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