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How to Have a Productive Monday at Work

If there was an award for the most loathed day of the week, Monday would definitely win the grand prize. It is the day closest and at the same time furthest away from the weekend. On Monday, professional life starts again after a small break that allowed you to experience freedom. It is the beginning of another five days of work and all the stress associated with that.

How to have a productive Monday at work

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Team Resilience

This 4-Step Plan Helps You Increase Team Resilience

Team resilience is not just survival. It is changing the rules of your fitness. And this goes beyond adaptation. Team resilience is nurtured, not bought just as true grit is nurtured, not bought.

It’s tuning your team so that it adapts to a new reality. One that’s tougher, meaner, against you. Team resilience is all about moving along this new reality.

Team Resilience

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Today’s Quote Is About Knowing What You Want

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It’s important to aspire to something. It helps put bread on the table, and it gives us a sense of purpose at the end of the day. Some people keep an agenda, others do something crazy every day. But we all do the things we do with one goal in mind: to be happy.

If there’s one topic you won’t have trouble finding quotes on, it’s happiness. However, few are as truthful to the self as this one:

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Quote Of The Day By Lance Armstrong

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It’s funny how certain things will occur no matter how small the odds are. Such as winning the lottery, surviving a plane crash, or even the emergence of life on Earth. All these have been known to happen, but ever so sparsely.

When it comes to determining the probability of things happening or not, maths and physics come in very handy. An event that has a 0.00001% probability of occurring will indeed occur if the right conditions are met, or if enough time passes (according to a very popular theorem involving a monkey and a typewriter).

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Quote Of The Day By Your-Guess-Is-As-Good-As-Mine

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Don’t you just hate unknown authors? They write the most amazing stuff and you don’t even have a face to put on their work. I jest, of course. I love writings by people who don’t bother signing their hand. It gives off a sense of mystery and romance, generosity on behalf of the author who dispenses wisdom and doesn’t seek reward. It almost makes the lecture even more worthwhile.

Whenever I stumble on a writing whose wordsmith is shrouded in secrecy, my restless imagination springs into action, struggling to fill in the blanks: How old could he be? What if it’s a she? I wonder what tone of voice he had. Where did he live? When did he live? Etc. Anyway, whoever wrote this one must have had a pretty good understanding of the notion of “support:”

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