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Quote Of The Day By Lance Armstrong

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

It’s funny how certain things will occur no matter how small the odds are. Such as winning the lottery, surviving a plane crash, or even the emergence of life on Earth. All these have been known to happen, but ever so sparsely.

When it comes to determining the probability of things happening or not, maths and physics come in very handy. An event that has a 0.00001% probability of occurring will indeed occur if the right conditions are met, or if enough time passes (according to a very popular theorem involving a monkey and a typewriter).

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Quote Of The Day By Your-Guess-Is-As-Good-As-Mine

Photo by Danh Vo on Unsplash

Don’t you just hate unknown authors? They write the most amazing stuff and you don’t even have a face to put on their work. I jest, of course. I love writings by people who don’t bother signing their hand. It gives off a sense of mystery and romance, generosity on behalf of the author who dispenses wisdom and doesn’t seek reward. It almost makes the lecture even more worthwhile.

Whenever I stumble on a writing whose wordsmith is shrouded in secrecy, my restless imagination springs into action, struggling to fill in the blanks: How old could he be? What if it’s a she? I wonder what tone of voice he had. Where did he live? When did he live? Etc. Anyway, whoever wrote this one must have had a pretty good understanding of the notion of “support:”

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