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Jobs Involving Communication Hardest to Replace by Machines

Want to stay relevant as machines gradually take over the world? Pick a job that can’t be automated. The work done by humans is getting systematically replaced by devices as time progresses and technology makes new leaps forward. It’s a fact of life that our society is all too familiar with. But there are still plenty of tasks that will be hard to replace by gadgets.

The jobs that machines fumble over are incidentally the same jobs that make life exciting. Choreographers, fire fighters, chiropractors, art directors, coaches, and many others can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that robots won’t render them irrelevant any time soon

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Quick Updates

Some quick end of the week updates 🙂

1. We have published the roadmap of VoipNow Automation. The prioritization was made based on your feedback, that’s why we want you to continue sending suggestions.

2. MyVoipNow webinar is close. Please register, it’s going to be interesting.

3. VoipNow Professional 2.5 is work in progress and we are working on the backlog for version 2.6. Speaking of the next version, we need your help. Can you comment on this post – we need to know what you miss most in VoipNow Professional. Please try to limit the post only to the most important thing. 🙂

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VoipNow 2.0.4 and Automation

VoipNow 2.0.4 is available. It also includes VoipNow Automation, the latest public release before GA version. GA version will be out at Parallels Summit 2010, maybe the largest hosting gathering in US. I am saying maybe because I don’t know what HostingCon will do this year and in the past last two years it was a disappointment. Anyway, 4PSA is a Silver Sponsor at Parallels Summit, so you are kindly invited to attend and visit us there.

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VoipNow Automation Release Candidate

We are showing VoipNow Automation Release Candidate at ITExpo 2010 East. In fact, we are going to release it in the next days with VoipNow Professional 2.0.4 GA. There are several important changes if we compare it with VoipNow Automation Beta, the most important being the support for Cloud Platform Bricks. This was something that we initially decided to bring in a future version of Automation, but eventually we reconsidered and decided to put it in the first public version, because there were too many changes for our customers.

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VoipNow Automation Beta

We launched VoipNow Automation Beta, more details are available here.

Be aware that the beta is part of VoipNow 2.0.4 beta. Do not install or upgrade to this version of VoipNow on production machines!!! You can do this only if you change some paths in installer, but anyway you have been warned!

This beta targets people with some Linux experience, because we do not ship the installation wizards for the online store. Installations instructions are available here.

If you find any issue, do not hesitate to send a bug report.

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VoipNow Automation Demo

Many of you already noticed it yesterday, although we did not announced it formally. As promised, we have updated our demo server with Automation. You can access Automation in VoipNow (left menu).

Username: admin
Password: amazeme

There is also a demo of the online store, you can use it to make orders. It is available at:

Right now a “Fake” payment gateway is used that authorizes all purchases. You should use the engine and one of the cards:

Visa 4111111111111111
MasterCard 5555555555554444

Please DO NOT open support tickets about this Automation demo, when we will release the beta we will provide you with details regarding bug reporting.

Also, try not to make Behavior or deployment changes in Automation because we haven’t yet implemented limitations in demo mode, therefore you can do much harm and other people will not be able to play with it. Have fun and if you want to comment you can do it here.

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Release Schedule for October

Yes, Automation is 99% completed for the beta release. VoipNow Automation will be included in VoipNow 2.0.4 release and you will be able to activate it with the beta license key:

7 October 2009 – VoipNow Automation public demo
13 October 2009 – VoipNow Professional 2.0.4 release (comes with VoipNow Automation beta)
end of October 2009 – VoipNow Core 4Grid

You heard about VoipNow Automation, but most likely you don’t know what is VoipNow Core. We can only tell you that it’s a solution we have been working at for quite a long time and which is actually used in production by some of our customers. I recommend you to register to this Webinar that will take place on 28 Oct 2009, where you will find out almost everything about VoipNow Core.

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VoipNow Automation Updates

For the past weeks the blog has been quiet. We didn’t want to shut it down or reduce it to silence, but we have worked a LOT. We’ve worked on many levels – not only on product development, but also on related things that will help sustain our company’s development. Many changes were based on your feedback, thank you for sending them to us. You will see a lot of interesting stuff in the next period 🙂

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We need your help with VoipNow Automation

We reached that development stage when we add new payment plugins to VoipNow Automation. Please comment with the name of the payment gateway you want supported. Right now we support Paypal, Cybersource,, Psigate, Payflowpro. Do not forget to include a link to the vendor website.


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