VoipNow Automation Demo

Many of you already noticed it yesterday, although we did not announced it formally. As promised, we have updated our demo server with Automation. You can access Automation in VoipNow (left menu).


Username: admin
Password: amazeme

There is also a demo of the online store, you can use it to make orders. It is available at:


Right now a “Fake” payment gateway is used that authorizes all purchases. You should use the authorize.net engine and one of the cards:

Visa 4111111111111111
MasterCard 5555555555554444

Please DO NOT open support tickets about this Automation demo, when we will release the beta we will provide you with details regarding bug reporting.

Also, try not to make Behavior or deployment changes in Automation because we haven’t yet implemented limitations in demo mode, therefore you can do much harm and other people will not be able to play with it. Have fun and if you want to comment you can do it here.


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  • This is really impressive Bogdan! Regardless of the delays, you are to be congratulated on what appears to be an excellent, easy-to-use, very professional looking and comprehensive ecommerce and auto-provisioning solution for VoipNow users.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the beta version to get everything setup and running.

    As crazy as it might sound, have you considered doing up a Joomla template with the Automation look and feel, so that those of us who will use Joomla for the informational side of our sites, can create a really unified look and feel across all areas of our sites?

    Everything seems to suggest that Automation has been well worth waiting for. My only concern is the final pricing. I sure hope you don’t price it out of the market.


    Kerry Denten 15 years ago Reply

  • very very good!

    where does the client go to to purchase airtime online at the shop?

    and where does admin/resellers add airtime/credits as a product on the product screen?

    Mohammad 15 years ago Reply

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