VoipNow 2.0.4 and Automation

VoipNow 2.0.4 is available. It also includes VoipNow Automation, the latest public release before GA version. GA version will be out at Parallels Summit 2010, maybe the largest hosting gathering in US. I am saying maybe because I don’t know what HostingCon will do this year and in the past last two years it was a disappointment. Anyway, 4PSA is a Silver Sponsor at Parallels Summit, so you are kindly invited to attend and visit us there.

How to test VoipNow Automation?

VoipNow Automation installs automatically with VoipNow 2.0.4, in order to access it you only need a license key that enables Automation. Such a license key is available here (fixed key, thanks), pay attention that this is an evaluation license and you can not install it on a production server.

The front-end (store and portal for the customer) is available here, usually it must be deployed on your company’s website.

It is not possible to upgrade from the previous release of VoipNow 2.0.4 with VoipNow Automation Beta to the final VoipNow 2.0.4 that contains Automation RC.

VoipNow Automation licensing

VoipNow Automation will be licensed per customer (do not confuse with extension, the customer is your end customer, a single entity that pays yours bills). There will be only leased licensing for VoipNow Automation.

In fact, starting with 1 March 2010 we will change licensing for all our VoipNow Platform products and we will withdraw the owned licensing option for service providers. More about this in a future post. The price for VoipNow Automation will start at 1EUR/customer per month and will lower with the number of customers. This will include a higher level of support for service providers and access to our consulting resources in order to help service providers grow the business faster.

VoipNow Automation special offer

Last week, I made an offer to subscribe to a list in order to get an owned license of VoipNow Automation for up to 1000 customers. We received quite a strong interest on this, unfortunately I didn’t mention how someone should register on the list (other that commenting on the article).

This being said, we declare the promotion open. The price of the license is 1000EUR and is subject to the optional 30% per year SUS (free updates and SUS support for another year). The offer is valid until 20 February 2010, to take advantage of the offer, please send an email to sales@4psa.com with reference code: OAUTO in email subject.


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  • Congratulations to the team at 4PSA, I know how hard and long hours the team has been pulling to release this version… I’ll be buying the Automation licence soon, and will pray VERY hard that the next release of Automation has a facility for pre paid billing plan clients and resellers to purchase credit online 24/7. 🙂

    Thanks 4PSA! great work!

    Mohammad Patel 14 years ago Reply

  • VoipNow Automation is a very promising tool for providers such as ourselves. Even providers with just a few customer will benefit. However, in its present form, it won’t assist US based providers such as ourselves, that offer local, interstate, and international services. In the US, there are several complex tax calculations which we calculate for each invoice.

    I looked at the demo and noticed that there is simply a Flat Tax rate applied to the entire invoice which can only be defined at the Federal and State levels. In order for this to be a viable solution for many US customers like ourselves, you would need to add a feature that calculate taxes based upon a few rules.

    The Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) is charged by the US FCC and virtually all providers pass this fee to their customers. This would be easy enough with your system if we were only offering interstate and international calling or charging per minute for those calls. However, we charge a flat fee for unlimited local and interstate long distance therefore it is necessary to take the total number of minutes for interstate (which appy to the federal taxes) and divide by the total number of minutes for all calls (local & long distance). This lets us know what percentage of the bill we are applying to the interstate calls. We multiply that percentage for that month times our flat rate then taxe this vaule and apply the FUSF tax rate.

    Additionally, most if not all US States have more complicated tax rates than a simple flat rate. In Florida for example, there is a statewide tax and local taxes with variable rates based upon the location.

    We would love to see an engine that would allow for flexible design of tax calculations and allow us to use VoIPNow Automation.

    Jeremy Edwards 14 years ago Reply

    • The taxing framework in Automation can support any levels of taxes, applied in any step of the sales process. If you have any particular requirements about taxing, we can modify them for you. We now keep them basic at country/region level in order not to complicate things and confuse users.

      Blog wizard 14 years ago Reply

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