VoipNow Automation Release Candidate

We are showing VoipNow Automation Release Candidate at ITExpo 2010 East. In fact, we are going to release it in the next days with VoipNow Professional 2.0.4 GA. There are several important changes if we compare it with VoipNow Automation Beta, the most important being the support for Cloud Platform Bricks. This was something that we initially decided to bring in a future version of Automation, but eventually we reconsidered and decided to put it in the first public version, because there were too many changes for our customers.

What are Cloud Platform Bricks?

Cloud Platform Bricks is the API that allows the product to extend with support for different service delivery platforms like VoipNow Professional, VoipNow Core, Plesk, Open-Xchange etc. It comes with special primitives called bricks that allow the service provider to define service plans for a particular platform, provision services, charge customers for these, and suspend/terminate service.

Why we preferred to ship this in the first version?

The main reason is that would have been quite difficult for us to migrate from the simple interface we previously had to the Cloud Platform Bricks later, when the service provider has deployments. The second reason is the feedback we received from customers that was easy to understand: ‘This is very good, but I want to use VoipNow Automation for my other services as well.’ Without Cloud Bricks, the implementation of different cloud services would have been quite difficult, meaning that we would have had to disappoint many customers. I am convinced that we already disappointed some customers who eagerly waited for Automation, but unfortunately, we did not have much of a choice.

How powerful is Automation on the first release?

From the architecture point of view, I do not think that we have any competition. From the features perspective, I know software packages that are able to do more. They miss fundamental parts of Automation, but when comparing side by side they have more features. Our objective was to build a very good platform and to develop it based on customer demands, not to pack thousands of features on a common package. Your feedback in developing Automation will be highly appreciated.

How will VoipNow Automation be licensed?

You will be able to get VoipNow Automation only leased licensed, with a pay-as-you-grow licensing (price per active customer account). VoipNow Automation is not going to be available as owned license. This is a risky move for us as a company because the service provider is essentially switching risk to us as a vendor (the service provider can drop the contract with us anytime if not fully satisfied). In this case, I consider the risk to be a big opportunity, because when we provide the right support to the customer, he grows and eventually we grow.

We are thinking to offer 50 owned licenses for up to 1,000 accounts at a special price for the first 50 customers interested. We want to do this in order to sustain the customers that will most likely get us the most valuable feedback. Please comment on this post if you think this is a good idea.

We will have more stuff about Automation soon; this was just a short post from Miami.


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  • Yes, i think it’s a very good idea. i hope i’ll benefit from the owned license.

    Eugene 14 years ago Reply

  • Hello,

    We are extremely excited to see that Automation is progressing and we are extremely interested in being part of the 50 Pilot users at the discounted pricing for an owned license.

    I will keep an eye on the Blog for progress, Congratulations 4PSA.


    Nathan Brookfield 14 years ago Reply

  • Hi,

    I’m currently evaluating VoipNow Professional but can see the real advantage of Automation. I would certainly be interested in a owned license for up to 1,000 accounts but this very much depends on price.

    We also want to deploy Automation within the next few weeks so the release date is also very important to us.

    Jonathan Hamon 14 years ago Reply

  • Hi Bogdan,

    As usual, I hope to be one of the first 50 clients to test Automation. During my visit at your offices i mentioned a few features (mainly the pre-paid online credit purchasing facility) for Automation. Nevertheless, i’m game for the beta testing after about a 2 year wait :-).

    Mohammad Patel 14 years ago Reply

  • I would prefer an owned license structure!

    Mark Norton 14 years ago Reply

  • Hi, very interested in the automation offering and special offer to the first 50 users. We are the only company in Ireland using this service from 4psa and are very keen to get moving with the automation product.

    best regards

    Dave Cummins

    dave cummins 14 years ago Reply

  • We are voip service provider based in USA and we were testing many different solutions from multiple vendors which should be affordable as well efficient. Not every vendors offering all in one solution like VoIPNow. Best aspect is that it works in cloud and vmware enovirement which makes it highly scalable and high density system and with much affordable price.

    Saeed 14 years ago Reply

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