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KPCB: 51% of Total Time Spent on the Internet Is on Mobiles

2015 marks the first time mobile devices become the primary means of connecting to the Internet with 51% share, according to venture capital firm KPCB. That figure was 12% in 2008, just as smartphones with big screens were beginning to take off.

Smartphones have been around for more than a decade, but the real recipe for a smartphone was struck around 2007 with the iPhone. Before then, smartphones had QUERTY keyboards and Internet connectivity was painfully slow. Worse still, mobile Internet was ugly and completely unusable. Ten years ago

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Australia Will Lose $9.3 Billion This Year Because It Doesn’t Do Collaboration

Collaboration is a term we have assigned to the practice of communicating and working in groups, building on each other’s ideas with the end goal of delivering a great product, preferably something new and original.

Doing business in a competitive environment means companies need to become masters of collaboration, and it has been proved that unlocking the potential capacity and knowledge of a group increases that group’s satisfaction level by a factor of 10. As everyone knows, motivation is a key driver for growth

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BYOD Programs Responsible for 53% Higher Revenues in 2015

Tech juggernaut Dell has published the results from its annual Global Technology Adoption Index for the year 2015. According to the study, mobility is currently responsible for a 50% difference in performance between the companies that have a BYOD policy set in place and those that don’t.

The Dell Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI) 2015 report shows how IT and business decision makers of mid-market organizations around the world perceive and use four key technologies: the cloud, mobility (BYOD), security and big data

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Why Everyone Wants to Work at a Digitally-Mature Company

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Strategy, not technology, is the key driver to success in the digital arms race that we keep hearing about recently. Some studies suggest that having a technological arsenal is enough to keep you afloat, but research conducted by MITSloan in collaboration with Deloitte paints a slightly different picture about the business world today.

Everyone agrees that being conservative isn’t exactly the best way to do business. But at the same time, neither is lavishing millions on bleeding-edge tech acquired purely in the hope that it will give your competitors the chills. The 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte reveals that strategizing your digital investments is more important than the digital investments themselves. And here’s why

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Nielsen: Innovation Has Nothing to Do With Genius

Does your “innovative” product offer consumers something that performs tasks where all currently available solutions are lackluster, or nonexistent altogether? According to information and measurement company Nielsen, this is the right question to ask when discussing innovation, and its very foundations – “when consumers discover these products, they pull them into their lives again and again.”

Nielsen’s latest Breakthrough Innovation Report focuses on China, where 15 products (out of 24,654) are said to meet the requirements to earn the title of Breakthrough Product. Examples include the

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Companies with Digital Growth Strategies Make All the Money [Study]

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New research reveals that companies with a digital transformation plan set in place are the ones raking in the most cash annually, compared to regular organizations that use traditional tools and methods to do business. It’s not the first time a market study reveals this, but then why isn’t everyone doing it? Simple: because it takes technology-literate executives to drive these initiatives. And they don’t grow on trees.

The study, conducted by Freefrom Dynamics, has produced a measurement tool capable of assessing the digital effectiveness of companies worldwide, showing the impact that digital investments have on a company’s bottom line. The Digital Effectiveness Index (DEI) reveals that the companies achieving high returns from digital investments drive the most market disruption, securing them as “digital distruptors” in the study

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Chasing Digital Value – Most Companies Want Returns, Not Disruption

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According to the PWC 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey, “digital” is creating significant disruption inside organizations everywhere, but not so much on the outside. Few companies are looking at tech investments with the same eyes, but those who see disruption power in digital have been attributed a “Digital IQ” that surpasses that of ordinary companies.

If technology does one thing right, it’s disruption. New technology means new capabilities, new inroads, new ways to reach the market or answer customer needs, faster ways to reach the market and customer needs, and so on, and so forth

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Your Marketing Is In the Hands of Your Customers, Not Your Ad Agency

What is an ad campaign if not a premeditated push meant to woo the public into thinking something good about a particular product or service. Ad campaigns tell you what to think. Truth be told, some of them are impactful or utterly sincere and make perfect sense to exist – such as a nonprofit fighting for equality. But most of them aren’t.

If there’s anything we can learn from the campaigns put forth by NGOs, it’s that advertising – in their case, creating awareness about a cause – is not so much the responsibility of the artists who created the poster or the video, but the responsibility of the follower sharing that content with others in the hope that they will join the crusade

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How to Reinvent Your Company [Infographic]

If your company lacks sustained growth, then it most certainly lacks innovation as well. Maintaining a steady climb requires continual recreation of your company through innovation, according to Prof. Jeff DeGraff.

This infographic created by DeGraff illustrates a “creativization” path that involves setting high quality targets, enlisting deep and diverse domain expertise, taking multiple shots on important goals until you nail them, and experimentation. Creativizing means adding little bits of innovation to ordinary tasks, which translates into a radically different way of running the business

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Everybody Wants Freedom

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Thanks to digital, communications have undergone a massive upheaval. For the past few decades we have been using 1s and 0s to conduct any type of conversation. Most people agree that it’s been a life changer.

UK communications regulator Ofcom has commissioned an online survey to investigate how being “connected” at all times has influenced the way we build and maintain relationships using the Internet

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