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Software Vendors Killing Service Providers? UC as a Service Offering a Breath of Fresh Air

The surge of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has left some providers worried. After all, with the rise of SaaS, clients may be able to buy solutions directly from software vendors, skipping these providers altogether. But does this mean that in less than 5 years, service providers will lose most of their territory to vendors selling directly to the SMBs?

Consequently, a number of ITSPs and managed service providers are eying various services they can combine in a logical offer, so that their customers get hooked on the service, rather than on the individual products. A recent study showed that 68% of communications providers intend to offer SaaS within the next two years. One of the most promising services to incorporate is Unified Communications.

smbs cloud insights for 2016


Research by MarketstoMarkets indicates the Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) market will grow to $23.34 billion by 2019 from the $13.10 billion it’s supposed to bring in this year. The reason is straightforward: many service providers are adding it to their portfolios, to complement their existing proposition made to the SMB customer.

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And The Happy iPad Mini Goes To…

On February 7th, to mark 4PSA’s 12th anniversary, we put out a challenge for all our partners. We asked you to send us a testimonial describing your experience with 4PSA’s products. And many of you responded. A big thank you to all of you! 🙂

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Time To Celebrate

It’s that time of the year again, when technology companies start opening champagne bottles, celebrating their products and success stories. We like bubbles very much as well, so we wanted to share some great news with you.


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How to Win SMBs Over to Cloud Communications

A recent IDC article stated that “There’s a $100B cloud in our future.” On paper, this looks like a huge opportunity and it’s backed up by big trends such as the distributed enterprise, the proliferation of devices needing to access enterprise networks, IT assets being managed remotely and big data and apps to mention just a few. While these opportunities are obviously real, when service providers try to sell to SMBs, the situation is not that clear-cut.

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Video Guide on How to VoipNow SPE for the First Time

Whenever we deal with a product for the first time, we can’t help exploring it. And, in most cases, we jump to it without any technical guidance. Because we’re curious by nature and, oh well, just because we think we know better. 😉 This usually works when we talk about simple products. But things change when dealing with complex software such as VoipNow SPE; it has an extensive feature set and covers so many usage scenarios. Of course, eventually everyone will find their way through, but it’s a lot easier and more straightforward if you use the resources that we have created.

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How To Become A Champion In 4PSA Community

Back in August 2012, when we rolled out the 4PSA Community, we knew this project implied a great deal of responsibility.

Our community brings together people who team up on answers, solutions, and ideas about the products and services they use. Every community member is invited to have his/her say on our products, describing issues they have encountered as accurately as possible, offering guidance, sharing experience and know-how with their peers, tempering conflicts and promoting a collaborative attitude.

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Wanna Be Our Product Wizard?

In one of our previous posts, we were introducing the VoipNow Team as one of the most complex teams at 4PSA. It handles marketing, sales, customer support, and product development for a product that has been on a continuous ascending curve. Since VoipNow has grown to be a very popular “child”, our team is in need of more people. We are now looking for Product Wizards, i.e. Clouders for whom VoipNow will hold no secrets and who will be able to decode any misunderstanding and solve any issue customers might experience while using it.

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The Magic Of Seven – 7 Years Of VoipNow

From the dust of old centuries until today’s computer-driven and smartphone-glued society, seven has always been considered a magical number. Many believe in the power of seven, be they sorcerers or mathematicians, historians or, in the past decades, even psychologists. Seven days in the week, seven wonders of the world, seven primary colors, seven notes in the musical scale, seven ages of man, Miller’s law on human brain’s capacity of processing information, and the list can go on and on.

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Technical Support Expert Wanted, Better Than 007

4PSA is expanding the technical support team for its flagship product, VoipNow. If you’re up for interesting challenges, this is your best shot at it.

The title is an intended pun, of course :). Still, it’s not that far from the truth, because as a Technical Support Expert, you are going to perform lots of investigations. Some complex scenarios may take hours or even days to complete. It’s not so much about the technical challenge, but mostly about making the customer happy.

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