Time To Celebrate

It’s that time of the year again, when technology companies start opening champagne bottles, celebrating their products and success stories. We like bubbles very much as well, so we wanted to share some great news with you.


We are extremely proud that for the fourth time in a row, TMC presented VoipNow with the Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award. 2014 is totally going to be the year of Cloud Communications.

This is a recognition of our platform’s features and scalability, and a confirmation of 4PSA’s “commitment to excellence and innovation”, as TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani said.
When the 4PSA journey began, our goal was to help others use technology to improve their lives. As the years went by and new 4PSA products emerged, this hasn’t changed and continues to be our core mantra. That’s why this award means even more, it’s a recognition of our hard work. It translates into long hours 4PSA Clouders spend in innovating, building, programming, SQA testing, marketing, and, of course, supporting our partners.

On Saturday, 4PSA will be twelve years old. There are many stories that can be told from all these years, and many more that are on the verge of happening. There are many software products we are proud of. And we have always taken great joy in cooking up new things, using the latest technologies, and changing complicated into simple in a heartbeat. Or mouse click, to be more accurate 🙂

We have kicked off 2014 in a celebration mode. Don’t worry, only one eye is on the cake, the other is completely focused on what truly matters.

To all our partners and users, thank you for trusting VoipNow and our team’s ability to meet your needs. To all 4PSA Clouders from around the world, thank you for making this possible.

And don’t forget, the best is yet to come!

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  • I am extremely proud to be a partner of such an amazing SAS company. I am excited to be part of the voip revolution and the continued success of 4PSA. Keep up the great work!

    John M 10 years ago Reply

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