Technical Support Expert Wanted, Better Than 007

4PSA is expanding the technical support team for its flagship product, VoipNow. If you’re up for interesting challenges, this is your best shot at it.

The title is an intended pun, of course :). Still, it’s not that far from the truth, because as a Technical Support Expert, you are going to perform lots of investigations. Some complex scenarios may take hours or even days to complete. It’s not so much about the technical challenge, but mostly about making the customer happy.

What You Should Know

Being an expert is complicated, we expect you to know everything about anything. 🙂 Jokes aside, we know that this is impossible, but if you already hold some experience as a support engineer, it’s a good start. You should also be familiar with MySQL and have a solid background with Linux, particularly Red Hat Enterprise distributions. Hands-on experience on voice protocols is highly recommended as many times it is required to go on SIP/RTP level in order to investigate interesting stuff. The good part is that we will help you improve all of these skills.

Also, given the complexity of different environments (for example, VoipNow 3 runs in a distributed environment that can be built in the web management interface), good TCP/IP knowledge is also required.

As communication with our customers is mostly done in English, you need excellent English skills. Language however is just a part of the communication. You must be able to pack relevant information into an easy to understand manner so that your customer can focus on important stuff. Sales, for example 😉

What You Will Do

First of all, you will have to learn the product, environment, and related technologies. Then you will be able to handle basic customer tickets, as assigned by the team lead. Once you got yourself used with the flow, you will be facing the real challenges. There are lots of scheduled things – maintenance, upgrades, cloud administration etc. On many occasions, these are good opportunities to discover and optimize.

You will also be reporting internally as one of your major focuses is to improve the product. Making customers happy is also proactive, and a better product will make them more satisfied. The pro activity aspect is very important to us, because as a team we want to always provide good advice on security, performance, and functionality, and we often do it without customer asking for it. That’s why writing technical articles is going to be a part of your activity.

What We Offer

You should have at least 2 years of experience working as a support engineer (or similar), for example in a telecom company. We can guarantee that you will never get bored! Seriously, that’s impossible even for 007! You will be working within a friendly and professional team, in a cool environment.

We reward performance and the primary metric associated to this position is the customer satisfaction. You can apply online here.

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