How To Become A Champion In 4PSA Community

Back in August 2012, when we rolled out the 4PSA Community, we knew this project implied a great deal of responsibility.

Our community brings together people who team up on answers, solutions, and ideas about the products and services they use. Every community member is invited to have his/her say on our products, describing issues they have encountered as accurately as possible, offering guidance, sharing experience and know-how with their peers, tempering conflicts and promoting a collaborative attitude.

What Is A Champion

Some of the members do all of that quite passionately and consistently, which makes them eligible for the Champion Program. We implemented this program for a smoother functioning of our community.

Champions play an important role in the 4PSA Community – they are reference points, always offering support and building interaction. Due to their know-how, champions can easily confirm solutions they have experienced, thus reassuring customers facing impediments. They also interact with newcomers, sharing their tech knowledge and assisting them in building a great user experience.

What It Takes To Become One

Any community member can become a champion as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Be an active user within the community
  • Share wisdom and experience with members looking for guidance and support
  • Be transparent and honest; always express the truth and, whenever describing issues, use an adequate tone of voice
  • Build healthy conversations and debate without attacking people on a personal level
  • Create constructive dialogues and help put out the fires within the community; avoid instigating to more aggressiveness
  • Lead by personal example and drive interaction in the community toward positive and productive results
  • Own copyrights for any content published within the 4PSA Community and respect other people’s right to privacy.

Can A Champion Lose The Champion Status?

A champion status is not permanent. It can be withheld, if the champion doesn’t follow any of the above. However, this status change never comes as an abrupt measure and only follows a detailed notification meant to raise awareness and reinstate the champion code of conduct. We are committed to enforcing these guidelines, so that the community can stay positive and have a good guidance from its top members.

Enjoy your experience on 4PSA Community!

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  • Hey this is great! Great way to show your support for those who contribute!

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