Wanna Be Our Product Wizard?

In one of our previous posts, we were introducing the VoipNow Team as one of the most complex teams at 4PSA. It handles marketing, sales, customer support, and product development for a product that has been on a continuous ascending curve. Since VoipNow has grown to be a very popular “child”, our team is in need of more people. We are now looking for Product Wizards, i.e. Clouders for whom VoipNow will hold no secrets and who will be able to decode any misunderstanding and solve any issue customers might experience while using it.

Why We Need Your Talent

Our support guys have specialized in solving complex technical problems, while the sales team is at its best when handling business inquiries. We are now looking for Clouders who fit right in the middle – enthusiastic Product Wizards who will provide Level 1 assistance to our customers.


If you’re wondering how you will be able to know everything and anything about it, no worries. You will have the best support at hand. In no time, 🙂 you will impress our customers with your prompt and useful replies by phone, e-mail, and via the ticketing system. You will also be a star in our Get Satisfaction community, where you will deliver smart solutions to users in need. Finally, you’ll determine what documentation can help customers better understand their system and you’ll assist our technical writers in producing it.

And because our team takes pride in running like a clockwork orange 😉 you will work together with Level 2 Engineers, developers, and sales people to deliver the best customer experience possible.

What You Should Know

Our customers are extremely important to us and we want this to be reflected in every single form of interaction we have with them. So, before anything else, you should be an excellent communicator in written and verbal English as well as have good telephone manners and strong customer service skills. If you want to be successful in this job, you will also need basic Linux knowledge and good understanding of concepts such as IP, DNS, networking.

Last, but not least, the desire to learn and improve defines all VoipNow team members. If you share the same attitude, we can guarantee you’ll be making friends in no time.

Experience? You should have a 2+ year previous experience in a customer service environment, preferably dealing with international customers.

What We Offer

We’re offering you a spot in the team that lays behind the success of a product that is used and loved by people throughout the world. There is much you can learn from us, but most important there’s a lot we’ll be learning together while making VoipNow even better for our users. We know that there can’t be creativity without relaxation. That’s why we make a point of having fun with every chance we get. 😉

If this sounds just like you, drop us an email at jobs AT 4psa.com or simply apply online.

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