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How to Have a Productive Monday at Work

If there was an award for the most loathed day of the week, Monday would definitely win the grand prize. It is the day closest and at the same time furthest away from the weekend. On Monday, professional life starts again after a small break that allowed you to experience freedom. It is the beginning of another five days of work and all the stress associated with that.

How to have a productive Monday at work

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Tips and Tricks for Successful Telecommuting

Remote work is a dream come true for all the introverts of our generation. It brings countless benefits for both employees and employers: higher productivity, lower costs, no time lost in traffic, no need to socialize on every break and no annoying mandatory meetings. You set your own schedule and only interact with a bunch of people without even seeing their faces or hearing their voices. Can it get any better than that?

Tips and tricks for a successful telecommuting

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Today’s CIO Is No Longer Just Geek In-Chief

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a job title usually given to the senior executive responsible for the information technology and computer systems in a given enterprise. As a high-ranking executive, the CIO reports to the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO) and / or the chief financial officer (CFO).

You can find this role in any business that makes extensive use of technology. Not too long ago, this person was regarded as a geek in-chief – someone with a broad IT skillset who also knows a thing or two about business. Today, it’s the other way around

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How to Reinvent Your Company [Infographic]

If your company lacks sustained growth, then it most certainly lacks innovation as well. Maintaining a steady climb requires continual recreation of your company through innovation, according to Prof. Jeff DeGraff.

This infographic created by DeGraff illustrates a “creativization” path that involves setting high quality targets, enlisting deep and diverse domain expertise, taking multiple shots on important goals until you nail them, and experimentation. Creativizing means adding little bits of innovation to ordinary tasks, which translates into a radically different way of running the business

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