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Your Next Job Could Be Right in Your Pocket

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We know mobility can make or break a business. But it’s not just the business sector that’s taking mobility seriously. According to the latest research, people are turning to their mobile device more than ever for career advancement. The crowded, competitive landscape of today is forcing applicants to act faster and more efficiently to tap opportunities on the go.

As part of a recent survey in the United States, Pew Research has found that 34% of job seekers say the information they found online was the most important resource available to them in their job hunting. Personal and professional networks fell behind (20%) as the second most important job resource. A total of 45% of recent job seekers indicate that personal or professional contacts of any kind – both online and offline – were the most important resource they tapped in their last search for employment. Here’s where it gets interesting

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Jobs Involving Communication Hardest to Replace by Machines

Want to stay relevant as machines gradually take over the world? Pick a job that can’t be automated. The work done by humans is getting systematically replaced by devices as time progresses and technology makes new leaps forward. It’s a fact of life that our society is all too familiar with. But there are still plenty of tasks that will be hard to replace by gadgets.

The jobs that machines fumble over are incidentally the same jobs that make life exciting. Choreographers, fire fighters, chiropractors, art directors, coaches, and many others can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that robots won’t render them irrelevant any time soon

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Are You Among the 5% with a “Great” Job?

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The most quoted jobs metric in the world, “Unemployment,” is misleading. And because we lack metrics to asses the quality of a position, we are also facing a problem in defining what a good job is. But recent undertakings shed more light on the matter, revealing where all the great jobs are, complete with the deficits that remain.

Gallup’s first World Poll was conducted a decade ago, in 2005. Then, like now, it was found that people crave a good job. Crudely speaking, this means 30+ hours per week and a decent paycheck. 1.3 billion out of the world 5 billion adults have a good job, based on this definition. 12% of these are engaged at work, in what can be considered not just a good job, but a great job

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7 Weird Jobs That You Probably Never Heard Of

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If there’s one word that perfectly characterizes human society, it’s diversity. People come in plentiful flavors and they have just as many needs. Despite automating the heck out of society, we still need actual human beings to get some jobs done.

Whether you’re unemployed or a millionaire looking for an entertaining read, this list of 7 wacky jobs that you probably never knew existed will surely delight you.

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The #1 Reason Why People Love Their Job Is…

Companies with established recognition programs have 31% lower turnover rates, and 41% of companies that have such a program set in place report higher customer satisfaction. Statistics may not answer life’s most burning questions, but numbers don’t lie.

Ford isn’t a Human Resources company. It makes cars. To make those cars and sell them, it needs people as much as it needs the robots on the assembly line. Unlike machines, people have morale. They are driven not by electric current, but by motivation. And motivation comes from within. So how do you get people to love what they do? Easy!

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Here’s How Your Life Would Be In Every Other Country on Earth

Ever wonder how things would have turned out for you had you lived elsewhere on the planet? Sure you have, but it’s not so easy to get an instant overview of the most relevant aspects by comparison to your home land. Scrub that. Now it is.

Last year, developer Jason Horsley made it his job to answer this question. He created this website called which compares a bunch of statistical data points obtained from none other than the CIA.

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Infrastructure Clouders Needed

The Infrastructure Team handles the cloud back-end, i.e. the physical and software infrastructure that runs the SaaS platform. Technically, it handles everything from networking to databases. It may not seem very complicated, but it actually takes a broad range of knowledge to understand, operate, and maintain an infrastructure that deals with networking equipment, physical servers, virtualization, storage, databases, communication layers, load balancers etc.

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App Testing Is Fun

The Apps Team is growing! We are on the look-out for talented software developers with a passion for research and automation testing to join our team in Bucharest.

Many people associate the software testing process with the image of a robot clicking on different links in an attempt to spot issues. Can’t really blame them, as in some cases this is quite necessary. Still, generally speaking, software testing is anything but trivial. As a matter of fact, software testing is software development, with the difference that the output is a software product that tests another software product. On many occasions, developing such a product turns out to be more creative than developing the software that has to be tested.

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We Welcome App Software Engineers

People want and need more and more Apps, and we have to keep up with them. VoipNow users request numerous Apps from us and, as our products are constantly evolving, this trend will certainly go on for a long time. Our Apps Team needs to deal with all these demands at a fast pace. Furthermore, the JavaScript framework at the core of all Apps must be continuously improved and extended with new mechanisms and features.

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Senior Security Engineer Wanted

In a previous article we detailed on the team called Team Support. This is basically the team that provides the other 4PSA teams with input and resources so that they can work more efficiently.

Our latest opening in the Team Support (Bucharest, Romania) is quite an interesting one – Senior Security Engineer. What is this position doing in Team Support, you might ask… Two reasons: the person filling this position is going to report directly to upper management and in order to be efficient she/he should not be “corrupted” by a product team.

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