Infrastructure Clouders Needed

The Infrastructure Team handles the cloud back-end, i.e. the physical and software infrastructure that runs the SaaS platform. Technically, it handles everything from networking to databases. It may not seem very complicated, but it actually takes a broad range of knowledge to understand, operate, and maintain an infrastructure that deals with networking equipment, physical servers, virtualization, storage, databases, communication layers, load balancers etc.

For simplification purposes, we try to use IaaS services without exception. However, this is not always the case on account of costs, availability or performance. This team has both hardware and software capabilities, because the two functions are highly related.


Why we need your talent

The Infrastructure Team is a new entity inside our company. Similarly to a newborn, we have a lot of work on our hands 🙂 so we do need the talent of a good cloud infrastructure engineer.

Infrastructure translates into provisioning and managing every hardware and software on top of which the back-end platform works. Indirectly, this infrastructure is also used by Apps that run on the customer’s device of choice.

We like automation, but not everything can be automated. In the same time, someone needs to create and maintain automation tools. Furthermore, in infrastructure, we must take precise steps and document everything, that’s why you are expected to do this as well.

We like to think big. This means that provisioning one computing node or 1000 must be done in the same way. We’re lazy by nature, 😀 meaning that writing automation tools is an important part of the job. Monitoring and intervention is also semi-automated. Still, there are things that only humans can excel at. In many cases, it’s also required to research on the best tools, potential problems or things that can be optimized. Bottom line, it’s a never-ending process.

What you should know

If you really want to learn new things, then you’re the right candidate. We need that kind of a person that loses sleep trying to understand why a machine randomly kernel panics. Our teammate must think virtualized (we prefer OpenVZ and VMware) and be able to see the bigger picture and design distributed stuff that is not directly bound to a single physical computer.

You need a good understanding of the cloud and excellent Linux OS, tools, and popular services knowledge. Also worth knowing is that previous system administration experience will help you dramatically.

Let’s not forget that the general understanding of the TCP/IP stack, including application layer protocols such as HTTP, is equally important. The cloud is very sensitive to input/output, therefore we expect you to have an overall good IT security knowledge.

Last, but not least, you must be proactive in the way you think, the way you anticipate problems, everything. We like to use the monitoring information to avoid problems. Waiting for them to occur first is not our style.

We know that there is no such thing as an ideal candidate, but if you can significantly match the conditions above, if you’re willing to learn new things, and like playing with new technologies, then we’ll be glad to work side by side with you.

What we offer

Prove us that you love Linux and the cloud philosophy and that you have broad experience from scripting to the Linux kernel. 🙂

You’ll get the chance to work with cutting-edge technology on next generation solutions. You will experiment a lot with hardware and software. We’ll teach you what we know about clouds, i.e. storage, databases, networking, virtualization, automation, provisioning etc., their strong points, their weaknesses as well as the way to overcome them. And most important, you will get to learn a lot while helping us build a global IT infrastructure that will power the next 4PSA projects.

If you are interested in this position, drop us an email at jobs AT or simply apply online.

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