We Welcome App Software Engineers

People want and need more and more Apps, and we have to keep up with them. VoipNow users request numerous Apps from us and, as our products are constantly evolving, this trend will certainly go on for a long time. Our Apps Team needs to deal with all these demands at a fast pace. Furthermore, the JavaScript framework at the core of all Apps must be continuously improved and extended with new mechanisms and features.

The Apps we develop are designed to run on all sorts of devices, desktops, tablets, including the App-hungry smartphones. While the same information and the same actions must be accessible using all these devices, the graphical interface needs to suit each specific environment. It’s about having the same features under a different hood. And this is where the challenge begins. Developers must customize an App for different devices.

We want to provide these Apps to our customers as soon as possible and for that we need the help of front-end software developers that share our enthusiasm about implementing Web Apps and creating the best user experience there is.



What You Should Know

First of all, you must know what a SPA is, as well as understand its requirements and challenges. You must have already worked with JavaScript as you will be using it to develop Apps for mobile platforms as well. You should also have good knowledge of HTML5. We love the latest APIs that allow us to deliver Apps that have appealing features and require little effort.

We develop cross-browser Apps, so you should also have a good understanding of how browsers interpret your code. We know browsers can sometimes get a tad too temperamental, but you will get used to it pretty fast. 😉 We want to build great Apps, so CSS3 is also a must. It provides the means to make high-performance animations without affecting the user experience to a large extent.

SPAs require even more skill than classic Apps do. Building an App that is easy to maintain, debug and test is no walk in the park. The core framework surely eases things significantly, but to be able to work with the platform, you should also have solid knowledge of OOP principles and design patterns. SPAs are written entirely in JavaScript and communicate with the back-end server through RESTful services. Developers need to be familiar with concepts like SOA, Web Services, REST, and Cloud Computing.

We value computer science education and strong theoretical background.

What You’ll Be Doing

You will be developing SPAs, helping us improve the core JavaScript framework. Your work will be reviewed and you will also get to review your peers’. We want to keep developing high-standard Apps and we focus a lot on their performance.

You will need to do a lot of research, document use cases, understand customer demands, translate them into requirements, and come up with improvements. With the right set of requirements at hand, you can build the App’s architecture and, after a thorough review, you can start developing it. Keep in mind that the user’s experience always comes first. The App must be small, scalable, and versatile; at the same time, it must load and respond fast to the user’s actions.

An App can only be delivered as soon as it complies successfully with all performance tests. You will need to focus not only on implementing the requirements, but also on developing good cross-browser and cross-device code. Furthermore, the framework has a lot of UI widgets, communication tools, observable structures and plenty of other components that will help you create a SPA.

It does not sound easy, but all team members will be supportive, guiding you on everything you need to know.


Both experienced (at least 3-4 years in the field) and junior candidates are welcome on board. Our customers’ needs are growing day by day and we strive to meet all their expectations. You should have a good understanding of all concepts previously discussed and be passionate about providing high-quality Apps.

What We Offer

SPA development resembles very much a black box that has not been explored much. Although there are some very popular Apps out there, like Gmail or New York Times, the architecture of a SPA requires significant experience and excellent skills. Our team has conducted a thorough research on the subject and is now able to guide you throughout the learning process. You will have a chance to develop Apps and observe how they behave in stress tests and then in production. Our joint effort, yours and ours will be highly awarded.

If you are interested in this job or any other opening, simply contact us at jobs AT 4psa.com or apply online.

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