Your Next Job Could Be Right in Your Pocket

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We know mobility can make or break a business. But it’s not just the business sector that’s taking mobility seriously. According to the latest research, people are turning to their mobile device more than ever for career advancement. The crowded, competitive landscape of today is forcing applicants to act faster and more efficiently to tap opportunities on the go.

As part of a recent survey in the United States, Pew Research has found that 34% of job seekers say the information they found online was the most important resource available to them in their job hunting. Personal and professional networks fell behind (20%) as the second most important job resource. A total of 45% of recent job seekers indicate that personal or professional contacts of any kind – both online and offline – were the most important resource they tapped in their last search for employment. Here’s where it gets interesting. Half of respondents used their smartphone to fill out a job application form, and 23% have used their smartphone to create a resume or cover letter from scratch.

The people who most frequently use their mobile to apply for a job are young (18-29) go-getters who don’t rely on word of mouth, acquaintances or personal references.  This includes calling a potential employer on the phone or emailing someone about a job.

Other findings:

  • Smartphone job seekers encounter problems like accessing content that doesn’t display properly (47%)
  • 13% say their social media presence has helped them find a job, but many more (35%) look for jobs online, both successfully and unsuccessfully
  • 32% (also) relied on government or private employment agencies in their most recent job search
  • 32% (also) used ads in print publications
  • 28% (also) used events such as conferences or job fairs
  • 7% cite connections with acquaintances or friends-of-friends as their sole job-hunting medium
  • 5% cite employment agencies as their only job hunting medium
  • 5% cite job fairs and other events as the only way they look for jobs
  • 4% only use print ads

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