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Positioning In CSS (III)

In this final article of the Positioning in CSS series, we’ll describe the floating concept.

What Is Floating

Floating is used to place an element to the left or to the right of its containing block. This can be very easily achieved by setting the float property either to the left or right. In the following code snippet, all the elements under the box class are set to float to left.

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Positioning In CSS (I)

Today we’ll continue our tour of CSS features and delve into the quirks of positioning elements on a web page.

A DOM Element has 3 dimensions, one for each axis. The X and Y axes place an element on the page, horizontally and vertically. The Z axis brings elements closer or farther from the user. Also, the Z axis is used when deciding what element will be shown when two or several elements have overlapping content.

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CSS Display And The Basic Box Model

This article aims at clearing up some of the misconceptions about the CSS display property and the way it affects the box model. It will only take into account the W3 specifications. To avoid blurring you with all sorts of details and exceptions, various browser inconsistencies will be swept and kept under the rug. The purpose is to give you a clear understanding of the matter, so that you shouldn’t be afraid of doing more than changing colors from a stylesheet picked up from who knows what source.

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Browsers. The Final Threshold

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of browsers? And why are there so many of them, when they all seem to do the same thing?

Browsers are actually an essential part of the Internet. Without them, the whole world wide web would be meaningless. They are the entities that interface the work of web developers with the user experience. This is why browsers are so important.

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App Testing Is Fun

The Apps Team is growing! We are on the look-out for talented software developers with a passion for research and automation testing to join our team in Bucharest.

Many people associate the software testing process with the image of a robot clicking on different links in an attempt to spot issues. Can’t really blame them, as in some cases this is quite necessary. Still, generally speaking, software testing is anything but trivial. As a matter of fact, software testing is software development, with the difference that the output is a software product that tests another software product. On many occasions, developing such a product turns out to be more creative than developing the software that has to be tested.

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We Welcome App Software Engineers

People want and need more and more Apps, and we have to keep up with them. VoipNow users request numerous Apps from us and, as our products are constantly evolving, this trend will certainly go on for a long time. Our Apps Team needs to deal with all these demands at a fast pace. Furthermore, the JavaScript framework at the core of all Apps must be continuously improved and extended with new mechanisms and features.

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The Apps Team Takes The Scene

In one of our previous articles, we provided a short intro on 4PSA’s internal organization. Today, you can have a closer look at the Apps Team.

Who We Are

We are a bunch of passionate young developers who like taking up new challenges. Ranging from interns to seniors, from designers to coders, from cheerful to introspective, and from inquisitive to amenable, there is one thing we all have in common: we want to build great Apps.

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An Intro Into Single Page Applications (SPA)

As we have mentioned in a previous post, among many other important things, the Apps Team builds specialized Apps for end-users.

An App must be able to run on various devices like smartphones, tablets and desktops and offer an outstanding user experience on any of these devices. We have an interesting approach – we build an App once and we are able to deploy it anywhere. Apps are written in JavaScript and they use a specialized stack framework.

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Why Are Containers Important For Apps

There is almost nothing more hip than Apps these days. Just read there’s an App to turn your Harlem Shake videos into guaranteed success 🙂

JavaScript App development, less visible to the end-user, is very much aided by something developers call Containers. The Container component arranges its items in a special layout.

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