Here’s How Your Life Would Be In Every Other Country on Earth

Ever wonder how things would have turned out for you had you lived elsewhere on the planet? Sure you have, but it’s not so easy to get an instant overview of the most relevant aspects by comparison to your home land. Scrub that. Now it is.

Last year, developer Jason Horsley made it his job to answer this question. He created this website called which compares a bunch of statistical data points obtained from none other than the CIA.

“MyLifeElsewhere is a site that is first of its kind, containing interesting data and statistics that you cannot find anywhere else on the web. By showing you country statistics relative to your home country, you are able to more fully visualize your home country in comparison to others,” Horsley writes.

When you select a country you’re automatically directed to a comparison page between your nation and that particular territory (but you can select any other two foreign countries and compare those as well). I decided to give it a go and see what living in Malta would be like for me. The answer? Not too shabby.

I’d be making 2.03 times more cash every year, and I’d live 5.4 years longer, according to the statistics. On the down side, I’d consume 2.22 more electricity and I’d be deprived of Romania’s generous coastal line owed to our charming Black Sea – Romania has 225 Km of shores whereas Malta, despite being 100% surrounded by seas, only has 197 Km of coastal line. The rest of the data points – drinking water, infancy, employment, etc. – are wins for Malta. Oh, and let’s not forget the weather.

Paraguay, on the other hand, is more on par with our nation regarding the good and the bad. While I’d be living 2.1 years longer there, I’d also be making considerably less money – 52.8% less, to be exact. I’d be consuming 58% less electricity, but I’d also be 3 times more likely to be living with AIDS. Yikes! The list continues. If you decide to migrate here from Paraguay, chances (9.6%) are you’d find a job a little easier. As for the probability of having a baby here, it’s almost 80% greater than in Paraguay.

Care to know about the UK versus the US? It’s a close battle, but ironically America is the one to take the crown. America rules in four out of the total of seven areas tracked by the site. Here’s the numbers. You’d be making 41.6% more money every year if you lived  in the US, have 9.8% more babies, be less likely to be below the poverty line (6.8%), and see a whopping 60% increase in coastal line (and a pretty awesome one at that), according to the site. On the negative side, you’d also consume 2.4 times more power, be 3 times more likely to get AIDS, and be 39% more likely to die in your infancy.

Visit the site yourself and see how your country stacks up. It also boasts an overlapping map that shows a size comparison of the two countries you’re comparing. I’m sure you’ll find it really awesome and informative. Enjoy!

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