App Testing Is Fun

The Apps Team is growing! We are on the look-out for talented software developers with a passion for research and automation testing to join our team in Bucharest.

Many people associate the software testing process with the image of a robot clicking on different links in an attempt to spot issues. Can’t really blame them, as in some cases this is quite necessary. Still, generally speaking, software testing is anything but trivial. As a matter of fact, software testing is software development, with the difference that the output is a software product that tests another software product. On many occasions, developing such a product turns out to be more creative than developing the software that has to be tested.

In the Apps Team, we play with HTML5 Apps that are capable of running on any device. The framework at their core relies on the continuous development of testing tools that allow to check the App behavior without actually experiencing it in the browser or on a mobile device.

What You Should Know

Programming skills are required, particularly JavaScript, Java, PHP, Ruby, or Python. Since the Apps Team’s main goal is to develop cross browser and cross device Apps, it goes without saying that we must test them everywhere, in any context. We take pride in building stable and portable applications that provide a great user experience. That’s why programming skills are not enough – analytic, detail-oriented criticism and excellent problem solving/troubleshooting skills will come in handy. In short, we are asking for an “artistic” eye and good UX understanding. Also, previous experience with applications using HTML5 and CSS3 is much appreciated.

Building performance and secure software has always been an imperative for us. If you do not know much about performance and security testing, we will teach you, but keep in mind that you still need Statistical Mathematics knowledge. Otherwise, you will not be able to render consistent results.

We are an Agile environment and this enables us to meet tight deadlines without cutting down on quality. We expect that everybody gives realistic estimates on the effort required to complete a task and meet deadlines.

If you had no trouble in understanding our requirements so far, then you’re on the right track. 😉 Your English must be good. It’s important because you’ll need it.

What You’ll Be Doing

In software development, it all starts with the technical specifications, or requirements if you wish. First of all, you should understand these specifications and imagine as many usage scenarios as you can. Then, you’re expected to analyze and decompose a complicated software system and design strategies to test this system. Daily responsibilities include test case design, manual and automated integration and regression testing, bug reporting and verification of fixed issues.

In many situations, a lot of research is required. Some things simply do not work as expected, but the behavior is not consistent, therefore the only solution is to find the root of the problem or, at least, the root of the inconsistent behavior.

What We Offer

We welcome both young and experienced engineers. Also keep in mind that we value and appreciate experience based on things you can prove, rather than on “working years”.

Some people say that SQA jobs are boring, but at 4PSA, you will have a lot of fun doing this. 😉 So, go ahead, contact us at jobs AT or apply directly online for any of our current openings.

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  • Application testing is truly fun if you know the technology and programming.

    suraj 9 years ago Reply

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