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Cloud Set To Massively Transform The Way We Work

The beginning of every year is marked by predictions and attempts at assessing the future. 2016 is no different, and this time we’re taking a close look at how our digital lives will improve in the upcoming years.

An infographic from Raconteur ranks the top 10 drivers leading to digital transformation for businesses, pointing out the factors with the greatest influence on the way we’ll work in the years to come. The global tech forecast anticipates a massive expansion of digital technologies among businesses of all sizes.

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5 Truths About Innovation That Most of Us Get Wrong [Infographic]

Innovation and disruption are hotly debated topics. Many claim to know the secret formula, but few actually deliver. There are standard practices that put you on the right path – like promoting a relaxed environment and fostering communication – but setting in place more specific processes will cause your mileage to vary.

However, innovation experts have nailed at least five truths about innovation that most of us get wrong, but at the same time they are supposedly easy to get right. This infographic won’t be enough to do the trick, but as said a few lines earlier, it’s general rules like these that put business leaders on the right path, while the rest gets figured out on the go. I won’t spoil your fun by repeating what the infographic conveys, but I would like to steal you one more minute to discuss

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Why ‘Agile’ Is the Perfect Recipe for Business

Photo by elizzzet on Pixabay

87% of companies in a poll by BCS The Charted Institute for IT report that the ability to manage changing priorities was among the biggest benefits of jumping wholeheartedly into an agile business model, one that factors in technology and a flexible, modern culture to stay on top of the trends, give competitors a run for their money, and ultimately achieve a healthy bottom line.

Contrary to popular belief, in-person meetings aren’t all that useless (as long as the purpose of the meeting isn’t meeting itself). Data aggregated by Raconteur indicates that 80% of agility adopters have a daily stand-up meeting. This get-together makes communication go full-circle in a collaborative culture, as studies have shown that ‘digital’ cannot and should not replace the spoken word

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What Is the Internet of Things, Anyway? [Infographic]

If you’re a frequent visitor on our blog, chances are you’ve read our recent analysis of the impact of IoT (Internet of Things) in the foreseeable future. And if the Privacy Panic Cycle is indeed about to be renewed, it’s probably a good idea to stay informed about the next wave of intimidating technologies.

So what exactly is the Internet of Things? Harbor Research in cooperation with Postscapes decided to answer this question once and for all using the best way you can convey information – an infographic

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How to Reinvent Your Company [Infographic]

If your company lacks sustained growth, then it most certainly lacks innovation as well. Maintaining a steady climb requires continual recreation of your company through innovation, according to Prof. Jeff DeGraff.

This infographic created by DeGraff illustrates a “creativization” path that involves setting high quality targets, enlisting deep and diverse domain expertise, taking multiple shots on important goals until you nail them, and experimentation. Creativizing means adding little bits of innovation to ordinary tasks, which translates into a radically different way of running the business

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The Sleeping Habits of the Rich & Famous [Infographic]

You know how they say you should get a good 8 hours of sleep every night to function properly? Well, that may apply to the laymen, but not the people who change the world.

British furniture company Big Brand Beds offers up this well groomed infographic of 12 famous people (some of whom are still among us) and their peculiar sleeping habits. Each personality’s sleep patterns are measured in hours from 1 to 8 along with a ruler that shows the actual time of the day when they hit the sack. You won’t believe Thomas Edison’s schedule!

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Made a Mistake? Which Of These 16 Reactions Characterizes You?

In communication, it’s equally important to convey as it is to acknowledge. That’s how dialog works, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. People make mistakes, but not everyone apologizes or even realizes that they made a blunder.

It all boils down to empathy. Humans have it in different levels, which is why there are bullies on the one hand, and drama queens on the other. Empathy is the ability to understand and even feel what another person is experiencing from within the “victim’s” frame of reference. In short, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

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13 Reasons Why Our Brains Crave Infographics [Updated]

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

The use of visualized information on the Internet has increased by a staggering 9900% since 2007, according to NeoMam Studios. And it’s hardly a surprise. With the increase in computing power and storage, the usability of the Internet has increased proportionally. If you think about it, the number actually seems a bit modest.

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How to Stop Being a Loser [Infographic]

Avoiding social churn is no easy task. When you lose audiences to overwhelming or underwhelming actions, you become compelled to attract new people constantly just to keep your head above the surface. Progress, on the other hand, becomes unattainable if you keep making all the wrong moves.

If this sounds familiar then you most probably need to brush up on those digital skills. Bluntly put, you’ve got to stop being a loser. Kimi Mongello shows you how in a delightful infographic featuring 12 useful tips to help you retain your social community.

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Do You Represent Your Generation? [Infographic]

Are you in it for the money, for the fame, or to change the world? NextGeneration Recruitment has put together a nice infographic that looks at three different generations as tomorrow’s leaders. Right off the bat, Gen-X are described as the best workers, but that’s not always what HR looks for in certain applicants. Sometimes you just want someone who, despite being a little slow, is 100% passionate.

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