The Sleeping Habits of the Rich & Famous [Infographic]

You know how they say you should get a good 8 hours of sleep every night to function properly? Well, that may apply to the laymen, but not the people who change the world.

British furniture company Big Brand Beds offers up this well groomed infographic of 12 famous people (some of whom are still among us) and their peculiar sleeping habits. Each personality’s sleep patterns are measured in hours from 1 to 8 along with a ruler that shows the actual time of the day when they hit the sack. You won’t believe Thomas Edison’s schedule!

It’s interesting to see that none of the 12 people on that list even remotely come close to sleeping the full recommended amount per night, while some of them sleep/slept in phases. Nikola Tesla, for instance, is said to have incurred a mental breakdown at the age of 25 because he would only get two hours between the sheets every night. Apparently when your brain keeps pumping out one amazing invention after the other, it’s hard to hit the brakes and call it a day.

Another interesting figure on the chart is none other than real estate developer and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. He consistently naps for just 3 hours per night and is appalled by the thought that someone who sleeps more would dare compete with him. Talk about self-esteem! Enjoy the rest of the presentation below.

The Sleeping Habits of the Rich & Famous | Credits: Big Brand Beds

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