Cloud Set To Massively Transform The Way We Work

The beginning of every year is marked by predictions and attempts at assessing the future. 2016 is no different, and this time we’re taking a close look at how our digital lives will improve in the upcoming years.

An infographic from Raconteur ranks the top 10 drivers leading to digital transformation for businesses, pointing out the factors with the greatest influence on the way we’ll work in the years to come. The global tech forecast anticipates a massive expansion of digital technologies among businesses of all sizes.

Due to its huge long-term impact, cloud computing, or simply Cloud, is set to steal the spotlight once again. 42% of IT decision-makers will increase spending on Cloud services, thus confirming the trend’s exit from the early adopters phase and its transformation into a common practice. As a result, we’re looking at improved customer experience, better internal communications and enhanced productivity.

Leaving aside the benefits of adopting digital technologies, in today’s business climate responding faster to changing needs and optimizing processes are no longer nice-to-haves; they have become surviving skills. What worked so far won’t get anyone ahead anymore. So how about bringing together the power of the Cloud and the enhanced productivity enabled by instant communications and collaboration? That would be a great idea (smile). Take Hubgets for a ride and test this scenario as well.

Here’s more of what the future has in store.



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