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How to Index and Search All Your Business Communication

We all know how important it is to have access to the right information exactly when you need it. In business, this can make the difference between closing or losing a deal. And it also has a huge impact on our work productivity. Nobody likes to invest time in searching for scattered pieces of data in order to get their work done. In Hubgets, you can index and search all your business communication. Here’s how.

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Happy #WorldEmojiDay from Hubgets!

It’s July 17th, so we couldn’t miss celebrating #WorldEmojiDay! We’re such big fans of these little funny pictograms that we just had to make a short movie about them/us. Who says you can’t act like an emoji?

We made this little experiment to see if you can actually be loud and clear just by making faces. And yes, you can! 🙂

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Cool Summer Internship Started With Smart Escape

For the past two weeks, we’ve been meeting with students from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers and Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. We’re really pumped up to talk to students about our Cool Summer Internship, the career opportunities and the perks at 4PSA. Internships are a tradition we’re really fond of here, and this is our 8th edition.

Students who applied to our internship at the LSAC IT&C Job Fair were in for a surprise. Five lucky winners got vouchers at a hip escape room in Bucharest. Since we’re after individuals with inquisitive minds, great attention to details and a strong interest in finding the best solution to a problem, we figured getting out from an escape room would be a great treat for such characters.

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And the students who won our prize are…

Last week was all about summer and students for us, as we kicked off our 9th internship program. We were very happy to meet a new generation of brilliant future computer engineers at the LSAC IT&C Job Fair and to showcase our Cool Summer Internship. The participants got the chance to interact with our team and our CEO, find out more about us, what we’re working on and what it takes to become one of our Clouders.

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All Aboard the Team Board

Did you see it the last time you logged in on Hubgets? Or maybe after we’ve asked you to refresh the page because we have some new features for you. It’s entirely possible you just clicked on a status update and found it. But yeah, it’s true. We now have a neat Team Board ready to gather all your teammates’ status updates in one place.

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Cool Summer Internship 2016 Kicks Off

Every March, excitement takes over our office. Everyone gets giddy and it’s quite clear we’re just counting down the days ’till a new edition of Cool Summer Internship! This is the exact situation we’re in right now, so let’s take a closer look at what we have in store for this year 🙂


Let’s meet

We’re debuting our 8th internship program during the LSAC IT&C Job Fair today. We’re welcoming brilliant future engineers to our presentation at the Automation and Computers Faculty. Let’s meet in EC105 hall starting 2 PM. This is a great opportunity for all students to find out more about us, what we’re working on and what it takes to become one of our Clouders. Both our CEO, Bogdan Carstoiu, and our newest Clouders will have interesting stories to share.

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Make Work More Fun with Emojis

Emoji has been the word of the year in 2015 and for good reasons: it’s everywhere! From social media posts to chats and advertising campaigns, these tiny ideograms and smileys have taken over the world 😀 Since images speak louder than words, they’ve turned into a fun form of digital communication. And we’re big fans ❤️‍

Sometimes emojis say it better

Think about it this way – scientists have proven that emojis come with great benefits for teamwork and collaboration. Writing takes away important non-verbal information, and this is how we can counter it. It’s not just about embellishment, these quirky characters can turn into stand alone sentences and speak volumes. When working with other people, not only they save space, but they also convey emotion. The messages are no longer dry, they have a personal touch, and express the creativity of the sender.

Language is dynamic and it’s greatly shaped by the people using it. With emojis, you can witness the development of a personal language and inside jokes, specific to teams. Being informal and natural will turn into a great business asset.

Introducing the new emoji set in Hubgets

We already told you that Hubgets ❤️‍ emojis. This is why we have integrated a library with many categories. Since there are over 880 of them to pick out from, you won’t have any trouble expressing your feelings or making creative combinations. A world of possibilities lies ahead 🙂
Our emojis are compatible with the default sets on several devices and operating systems, so things won’t get lost in translation.
And using them is really a piece of cake on Hubgets. You can just click the icon and insert one.

Inserting an emoji

Inserting an emoji

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How to Assemble a Team with a Few Mouse Clicks

We’ve all been in a tight spot where a super urgent task falls on your head, requiring you to get in touch with people you don’t usually work with. No matter how you look at it, getting everyone in one place is time-consuming. First, you need to consider the logistics behind an urgent task/crisis meeting. Then, you can’t be oblivious to the time people need to disconnect from a task and connect to another. Adjusting to a new context and reaching a high level of implication requires an amount of time that urgent tasks never offer.

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Cloud Set To Massively Transform The Way We Work

The beginning of every year is marked by predictions and attempts at assessing the future. 2016 is no different, and this time we’re taking a close look at how our digital lives will improve in the upcoming years.

An infographic from Raconteur ranks the top 10 drivers leading to digital transformation for businesses, pointing out the factors with the greatest influence on the way we’ll work in the years to come. The global tech forecast anticipates a massive expansion of digital technologies among businesses of all sizes.

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