How to Reinvent Your Company [Infographic]

If your company lacks sustained growth, then it most certainly lacks innovation as well. Maintaining a steady climb requires continual recreation of your company through innovation, according to Prof. Jeff DeGraff.

This infographic created by DeGraff illustrates a “creativization” path that involves setting high quality targets, enlisting deep and diverse domain expertise, taking multiple shots on important goals until you nail them, and experimentation. Creativizing means adding little bits of innovation to ordinary tasks, which translates into a radically different way of running the business.

Because innovation is synonymous with freedom, it’s also important to loosen any control-based management practices. Piercing new markets means it’s good to add variation, not eliminate it. It’s also a good idea to free up company time for unpredictability. The process of reinventing yourself often comes with unforeseen caveats, so you need to be prepared to handle those as well, if / when they emerge. So, the path to re-igniting your business: set high goals → leverage talent → press until you nail it → experiment/learn from experience and repeat. Get the full scoop below.

How to Reinvent Your Company [Infographic] | Credits: Jeff DeGraff

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