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Workplace Communication Etiquette: Better than Explaining Slang, Avoid Using it

Have you heard a 20-something coworker shout “Slay!” to celebrate a job well done? Or would you admit to exclaiming this, or something similar, yourself? If so, you’ve encountered Gen Z slang in the workplace. This style of communication is ubiquitous in today’s social media culture, but is it suitable for a professional setting? Or should we keep following a minimal communication etiquette?

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12 Common Types of Communication in the Workplace

Communicating effectively within a company is critical both for the organization, but also for the individuals involved. The most successful people on the planet are the best communicators. The most successful companies are those able to communicate their message in the most effective ways. At this point, the importance of communication in the workplace is unquestionable. However, it can be classified in several ways, depending on who, and how, is sending, and receiving the message.

Common Types of Workplace Communication

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Achieve Better Sound Quality in Conference Calls

Poor sound quality can be a significant distraction for your conference calls. If participants sound far away, have crackling associated with their line, or cut in and out, it’s hard for attendees to focus on what’s actually being said. With meeting productivity in thin air—you don’t need any other issues.

Achieve Better Sound Quality in your Conference Calls in 4 Easy Steps

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Most Common Causes of Poor Virtual Collaboration and How to Address Them

In today’s hybrid workplace, any organization needs an efficient, seamless, cohesive strategy that makes it possible to collaborate from anywhere. With team members scattered across various locations—some at home, others in the office, and even some in different time zones—poor virtual collaboration can affect the overall work performance. Strong communication and teamworking have, once again, become mission-critical.

Most Common Causes of Poor Virtual Collaboration

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How to Tackle the 6 Most Common Remote Work Challenges

Most of the employees working from home seem to enjoy their working arrangements, with 77 percent even claiming that they feel more productive. The trend seems to keep rising, even though some companies have called their employees back to the office. However, remote work is not all milk and honey. Employees working from home also have to face a series of challenges.

How to Tackle the Most Common Remote Work Challenges

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The Future of the Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work has come a long way since the start of the pandemic. According to survey data by Gallup, 60 percent of employees worked exclusively on-site in 2019. By 2022, that number dropped to 23 percent. Meanwhile, companies with hybrid workplace policies jumped from 32 percent to 53 percent over the past two years. In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into the future of the hybrid workplace.

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Audio Conferences—The Convenient Way to Hold a Meeting

The modern business environment is driven by meetings. According to this 2021 Productivity Trends Report, the average business professional spends 21.5 hours in meetings each week. Meanwhile, a busy professional spends almost 33 hours in meetings, weekly. Companies are constantly looking for ideal meeting times in order to increase productivity. And what about the meeting format? If you are looking to reclaim time and increase meeting productivity, consider audio conferences. Here are a few reasons why this is the best option to run your business and keep your team members engaged.

Audio Conference, The Convenient Way to Hold a Meeting

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The 2022 Wrap-Up, Five Trends and A Prediction

For many, 2022 was the first year of normality after two very long years of pandemic. Profound workplace changes for both workers and employers alike, businesses navigating economic downturn, and people feeling the pressure of galloping inflation—the past twelve months were anything but quiet! Now is the perfect time for the 2022 wrap-up, let’s do it together.

The 2022 Wrap-Up: 5 Trends that Impacted Business this Year

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