Communication & Collaboration: Arts That Leaders Need to Master

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I recently stumbled upon some lectures that talk about communication & collaboration in business, explaining its crucial role in leveling the field for executives and floor employees alike, driving successful operations across an entire organization. They were great reads and I want to lay out some bullet points for our readers. If you own a business, listen up!

Success stories owed to communication

One article was about 10 quotes that billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson lives by to drive the success of the Virgin story. His post inspired an article that regards communication as the most important skill any leader can, and should possess. On top of Branson’s selection of quotes, a number of success stories are given as examples of communication opening the door to a multi-million-dollar career.

Rehersing your future employer’s marketing pitch the day before the interview can land you a dream job in minutes. Or, knowing how to deliver a keynote address may be worth much more than having engineering skills.

Another story (linked by Forbes as a related article) was about navy SEALs, and how studying them can teach you a lot about collaboration and team work. The key takeaway from that narrative is that when a company’s internal communications are lackluster, trust gets eroded really fast.

Research has showed that low trust directly affects efficiency, speed and profitability, whereas when it’s effective, these factors increase to produce infinitely more positive results. But even while mastering SEAL-type team work, an organization can still face issues with communication.

‘With the right tools, even a bad speaker can be a good leader’

Communication & collaboration are important topics to us. We work tirelessly to improve these for service providers and end-users alike with VoipNow and the latest addition to our Unified Communications & Collaboration suite, Hubgets. Together, they make all of the above happen, enabling both executives and regular employees to communicate their goals and achievements every day, quickly and efficiently.

In Hubgets, things like topics let entire teams collaborate on a particular project, keeping everyone in the loop at all times. The information generated as a result of the collaboration effort is then searchable, allowing anyone to find exactly the data they’re looking for, pick up where the team left off, or jump in with a new idea when the rest of the team is stuck.

Just like navy SEALs ise “pass the word” to let the entire faction know what’s going on at any time, so does Hubgets offer status capabilities to keep all team members up to speed with the progress of a day’s work, or an entire a project’s development.

With the right UC&C platform, even the worst speaker can be a good leader. Visit the link above to learn how Hubgets fosters collaboration in organizations big and small (not just business-oriented ones).

How does communication flow in your business? Let us know in the comments.

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