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What IT Pros Want the Most Is Not Money

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Recruiting top knack is a sure way to success, but talented people don’t grow on trees. High aptitude needs to be lured in. You can’t expect to build a great team if the incentive isn’t there.

In response to a new Dice survey, 45 percent of respondents occupying various positions in tech said they wanted more of a work-life balance, but couldn’t achieve it. 27 percent said work-life balance was a myth, and only 5 percent claimed that this was a top priority for them.

Here’s where it gets interesting. According to the data, bigger companies with a more stable future are more afraid than smaller ones when it comes to

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Cloudify Your Business

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It’s been years since the Cloud has demonstrated its might, yet there are still concerns related to performance, integration, compatibility, etc. that haunt decision makers. We’re here to prove them wrong.

Haunt is a good word because businesses who are still on the fence are losing money every second at the hand of their cloud-loving competitors. The reality is that cloud technology is no longer expensive, nor unsafe, and there’s always the option to

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Forrester Scares Laggards with 2016 Predictions

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

2016 is shaping up to become the year of change for businesses everywhere, the year when customer satisfaction will determine if one company will thrive while its rivals will snowball into obscurity. According to Forrester, it all boils down to adaptability to changing times, and technology plays a crucial role in this.

Forrester’s Top 10 Critical Success Factors in 2016 make for a great read, but if you can’t spare the time, I’ve narrowed it down to three.

Listen up or buckle up!

CX is an abbreviation for “customer experience,” a term that describes how your customer feels when he / she interacts with you and your product. There’s no room for small thinking in CX as we go into 2016. Beef up on CX by offering contextual, personalized experiences. One way to get there is to buy software assets that turn customer data into action. Sticking with what you’ve got in-house may not spell imminent death, but the countdown has begun, Forrester warns.

“Divorce your legacy practices”

While customization is good when it touches the customer directly, what you want inside the company is a unification of your systems so that everything runs buttery smooth from an operations standpoint. Departmental leaders need to let go of their confined custom systems and adopt a unified portfolio of tools for communication and collaboration, analytics and reporting.

A solid culture means knowing what you want. In this day and age, this implies forgoing annual processes in favor of agile ones – SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and other Cloud-centric investments – that are in sync with customer demands but also fend off disruptors. “Divorce your legacy practices,” writes Carrie Johnson, outlining Forrester’s 10 business commandments for next year. We solemnly agree with this directive.

Data isn’t just a tool, it’s a weapon

The more customers you have, the bigger the pile of data you’re sitting on. With the proper analytical tools, this data can be converted into hard actionable insight for efficient marketing experiences, as well as for adjustments to your product line. But don’t use data only to optimize your goals. Leverage it in a way that it will send shock waves across your playground, intimidating your competitors and securing your lion’s share. Big data is nothing without sifting through it with the proper algorithms to deliver “Yes” and “No” answers.

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UK Teachers Feeling Obsolete

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Almost three quarters of teachers responding in a poll admitted feeling left behind by new technology. In the case of some tutors, however, the problem was not that they couldn’t understand it or wield it.

Over 50% of the teachers agreed that interactive technology makes for a richer teaching/learning experience, and 57% touted engagement with students as the primary perk of interactive technology in the classroom. 81.5% reported using interactive whiteboards and 63.9% said they use laptops. Around half said they brought a tablet to the classroom on a regular basis

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VoipNow Grows On You, With You

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The future of communication and collaboration is the Internet. How do we know this? Because the future is already here.

As pioneers of Unified Communications for the cloud, we witnessed (and helped) the Internet gobble up hardware and convert it into software from the front row

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Yes, It’s Possible to Go 100% Remote And Get Instant Benefits

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At 4PSA, we are strong proponents of remote working. We develop solutions that assist this culture and we know first hand that it works to the benefit of modern companies – where most of the workforce uses a computer to carry out its duties.

20 years ago, remote working was a luxury that few could afford. As a culture, it didn’t even exist. Firstly, there weren’t nearly as many types of businesses that could benefit from it. Then there’s the aspect of mobility – namely, the lack thereof – back then. Neither the hardware, nor the software (let alone the Internet) could sustain a telecommuting culture in the 90s, or even in early 2000s. Cloud computing was virtually inexistent, laptops were clunky, wireless Internet was scarce, tablets were still in their prototype stages, and because of this, people were forced to come into the office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to do their job. Not anymore

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Quote of the Day by Niels Bohr

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Being a scientist doesn’t always pay off, but when it does, you get instant recognition and everything you say or do gets framed. It was the case of Niels Bohr, who enjoyed merging empirical knowledge to philosophy with every chance he got.

A Nobel Prize winner, Bohr made substantial contributions to understanding the atomic structure and quantum theory. Quantum physics differs from classical physics in that one is less “fixed” than the other. Bohr seemingly translated this into plain English when he said

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Australia Will Lose $9.3 Billion This Year Because It Doesn’t Do Collaboration

Collaboration is a term we have assigned to the practice of communicating and working in groups, building on each other’s ideas with the end goal of delivering a great product, preferably something new and original.

Doing business in a competitive environment means companies need to become masters of collaboration, and it has been proved that unlocking the potential capacity and knowledge of a group increases that group’s satisfaction level by a factor of 10. As everyone knows, motivation is a key driver for growth

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Today’s CIO Is No Longer Just Geek In-Chief

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Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a job title usually given to the senior executive responsible for the information technology and computer systems in a given enterprise. As a high-ranking executive, the CIO reports to the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO) and / or the chief financial officer (CFO).

You can find this role in any business that makes extensive use of technology. Not too long ago, this person was regarded as a geek in-chief – someone with a broad IT skillset who also knows a thing or two about business. Today, it’s the other way around

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Stuck Changing the SSL Certificate in VoipNow? Read This

We work tirelessly to keep our VoipNow users happy. To that end, one of the things we don’t do is to dump maintenance burdens on them. However, every now and then, VoipNow users are required to perform some actions on their end, such as swapping an old SSL certificate for a newer one.

For those who just landed here by accident, let me make your visit to our blog worthwhile. In plain English, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security thing that basically encrypts the link between a server and your computer. It makes it hard for a hacker to eavesdrop on that connection (whatever the reason may be). All of the internet depends on this standard, so it’s not something typical to any software product or service. It’s a fact of life. Now, back to our VoipNow customers

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