VoipNow 3 Service Provider Edition GA is Available

VoipNow 3 GA is finally here! In fact, even more than this, the first maintenance release is available, as we had a private release for customers. More information in the Release Notes.

While many of you already had some experience with the new VoipNow SPE, I want to share some interesting things about it.

VoipNow 3 is our most impressive release up to date. We had to change a lot of its internals in order to better take advantage of the cloud and to allow us to introduce interesting user level functionality in the next years. As a customer, you will notice even more new things in the next releases. If you want to understand more about VoipNow SPE, check some of our articles on this blog:

VoipNow 3 – The APIs
VoipNow 3 – Account Levels
VoipNow 3 – Extension Virtualization
VoipNow 3 – Apps
VoipNow 3 – Amazon S3 Storage

But I do not want this to be a long article, the following infographic speaks for itself.

Good job, VoipNow team, let’s make the next release even more impressive!


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