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Companies with Digital Growth Strategies Make All the Money [Study]

Companies with Digital Growth Strategies Make All the Money | Image credits:

New research reveals that companies with a digital transformation plan set in place are the ones raking in the most cash annually, compared to regular organizations that use traditional tools and methods to do business. It’s not the first time a market study reveals this, but then why isn’t everyone doing it? Simple: because it takes technology-literate executives to drive these initiatives. And they don’t grow on trees.

The study, conducted by Freefrom Dynamics, has produced a measurement tool capable of assessing the digital effectiveness of companies worldwide, showing the impact that digital investments have on a company’s bottom line. The Digital Effectiveness Index (DEI) reveals that the companies achieving high returns from digital investments drive the most market disruption, securing them as “digital distruptors” in the study

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How to Rate Your Company’s Digital IQ

How to Rate Your Company's Digital IQ |Image credits:

Once upon a time you could start a business with your bare hands and rely solely on manpower to grow. Not anymore. Virtually every business today relies (more or less) on technology to stay relevant, increase awareness of its brand and sell, sell, sell.

In its 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey, consultancy firm PWC draws attention to what can be considered the 10 technological commandments for business – 10 attributes that fuel the digital growth engine of an organization

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Hexa Research: Unified Communications Will Be a $75B Market by 2020

Hexa Research: Unified Communications Will Be a $75B Market by 2020 | Image credits:

The Unified Communications industry is usually seen as forever waiting on the launchpad, but if recent studies are any indication, UC vendors and service providers alike stand to rake in billions in the coming years.

Hexa Research offers custom research and consulting services to an array of industries, including the communications sector. The company has conducted a study to re-assess the state of Unified Communications and found that things are looking good for players in this market. In fact, “good” is an understatement.

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Companies Today Prefer to Outsource Communication and Collaboration

Companies Today Prefer to Outsource Communication and Collaboration | Image credits:

If there’s one thing you want to hear in business, it’s a good forecast. Today, we have one such forecast to share with everyone doing business in the Unified Communications market. Grand View Research estimates that the UC segment will be a $75 billion market by 2020. A report released by the company this month takes a deeper look at the products and their application in key areas around the globe.

Grand View Research has no doubt that the global Unified Communications market is ballooning and explains why this is happening. First on the list of reasons is BYOD (bring your own device), a phenomenon that requires little explanation. Second is the emergence of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). The research found that more and more companies

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How Much Does It Really Cost to Power Your Gadgets?

How Much Does It Really Cost to Power Your Gadgets? | Image credits:

Ever felt guilty for charging your phone in someone else’s house? Well, don’t. The annual cost of charging a typical smartphone every single day is 25 cents. Not 25 cents a day, but 25 cents a year.

It’s not too different with your other gizmos. A tablet costs just over a dollar to charge annually, and that’s only if you plug it in every day. With a device like the iPad – which lasts for days without a charge – that number is even smaller. What about your laptop?

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The Deep Secret of Emoticons and How They Impact Our Communication

Crazy laughing smiley | Image credits:

I can still remember the first time I saw a smiley face. : ) I couldn’t understand it because it wasn’t a pictogram and it hadn’t arrived with an instruction manual – “tilt your head to the left.” All I could see was a colon and a parenthesis. I was failing at the one thing I normally did best: visualize. It could have been a mild form of dyslexia (which I may or may not have because I never got it diagnosed), but I blame it on the missing bits.

I was with a friend at the time and I had asked him to explain it to me. He obliged, but nonetheless mocked my poor observation skills, which ensued my aversion towards this alien language made up of punctuation marks. They were everywhere and I didn’t get them. When I finally did manage to commit some to memory, I incorporated them into my own texts – for I had found them necessary to relate to those who fired them in my direction – but I would still scratch my head at the arrival of a new specimen. Like <3. The whole of planet Earth saw a heart, I saw an arrow tip and a three.

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Cloud Saas, IaaS, PaaS – A $112 Billion Market by 2019 [IDC]

Cloud Saas, IaaS, PaaS – A $112 Billion Market by 2019 | Image credits:

IDC reveals in a report that the cloud software market reached $48.8 billion in revenue in 2014 (a 24.4% growth from the year ago) and is projected to be worth in excess of $112 billion by 2019. SaaS (Software as a Service) will play an instrumental role, outpacing traditional software product delivery by a rate of 5-to1. $1 of every $4.59 spent on software will directed at the cloud software model, IDC predicts.

The analytics firm sounds the horn on a huge opportunity, advising all major IT product vendors to put this strategic goal at the top of their to-do lists: figure out how to capitalize on the cloud services transformation. However, CIOs and IT reps at various cloud-centric companies seem to be fully aware that the doors to service heaven are wide open.

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How We Enable Crystal Clear Audio in VoipNow

Being in the business of developing enterprise-class communication and collaboration software for over a decade, we know a thing or two about audio and video quality. User experience is crucial when it comes to UC&C solutions. You can have as many features as you like. What matters is to make the best of them.

Studies have shown that “user experience” tops the list of complaints among conferencing users. This includes both the visual experience and the audio experience. UC tools that mess up on these aspects are about as useful as an old fax machine. Without good quality audio and / or video, conferencing is more of a pain than a perk. This is why we’ve placed tremendous focus on the codec side of VoipNow.

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Unified Communications Adds Extra Layer of Safety at Motorcycle Rally

Unified Communications Adds Extra Layer of Safety at Motorcycle Rally | Image credits:

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, an American motor-sport event held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota, is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world. Because it rakes in nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue, the event draws considerable crowds. Noisy engines and big crowds usually means at least a few incidents, so emergency responders have to be on alert.

Held during the first full week of August, the rally began in the ’30s as an event for stunts and races. Over the decades, it has evolved to become a nearly-sacred meeting for motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. According to Rapid City Journal, emergency responders were much better equipped at this year’s rally, all thanks to a new tool.

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It’s Sheer Genius! Machine Learning Tech Will Make Boredom Profitable

Boredom | Image credits:

Researchers in Barcelona, Spain have developed a “boredom detector” that they plan to present at the UbiComp conference next week in Japan. The technology is based on an algorithm that looks at your mobile activity and determines your boredom levels. Because boredom leads to depression, the technology could essentially save lives. But it could be profitable too

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