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VoipNow 2.0.4 and Automation

VoipNow 2.0.4 is available. It also includes VoipNow Automation, the latest public release before GA version. GA version will be out at Parallels Summit 2010, maybe the largest hosting gathering in US. I am saying maybe because I don’t know what HostingCon will do this year and in the past last two years it was a disappointment. Anyway, 4PSA is a Silver Sponsor at Parallels Summit, so you are kindly invited to attend and visit us there.

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VoipNow Automation Release Candidate

We are showing VoipNow Automation Release Candidate at ITExpo 2010 East. In fact, we are going to release it in the next days with VoipNow Professional 2.0.4 GA. There are several important changes if we compare it with VoipNow Automation Beta, the most important being the support for Cloud Platform Bricks. This was something that we initially decided to bring in a future version of Automation, but eventually we reconsidered and decided to put it in the first public version, because there were too many changes for our customers.

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Join us at ITExpo 2010 East

Happy New Year! I hope that you will have an exceptional 2010, much better than 2009.

At 4PSA everything started very fast this year. We will have a very busy Q1, with lots of challenges, which means that is going to be exciting. 🙂

The first event in Q1 we are going to join is ITExpo East in Miami that will take place between 20 and 22 January. You are invited to visit our booth #618 anytime. As probably is going to be quite crowded, you can schedule a meeting by sending an email to

See you there!

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Open-Xchange for Plesk Now Available for Customers

As you might know, we have partnered with Open-Xchange to integrate VoipNow features with email groupware and have improved teamwork. Open-Xchange is a cool product; it takes your existing mail server and adds groupware on top of it. You have a nice AJAX interface, Exchange like functions, mobility (ActiveSync support), etc. But you better check their demo. That demo is not using the latest skin, the one we contributed a little bit to.

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A Little Bit About Product Management

Many people ask me about the roadmap of various products, although usually it happens in informal discussions. And this is not the only question, I got many of them about how we design things, what I believe to be hot next year and so on. Although these are the questions one could ask over a few drinks, the answers are quite complicated (and they require more drinks than I can take). 🙂

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