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VoipNow Automation Demo

Many of you already noticed it yesterday, although we did not announced it formally. As promised, we have updated our demo server with Automation. You can access Automation in VoipNow (left menu).

Username: admin
Password: amazeme

There is also a demo of the online store, you can use it to make orders. It is available at:

Right now a “Fake” payment gateway is used that authorizes all purchases. You should use the engine and one of the cards:

Visa 4111111111111111
MasterCard 5555555555554444

Please DO NOT open support tickets about this Automation demo, when we will release the beta we will provide you with details regarding bug reporting.

Also, try not to make Behavior or deployment changes in Automation because we haven’t yet implemented limitations in demo mode, therefore you can do much harm and other people will not be able to play with it. Have fun and if you want to comment you can do it here.

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VoipNow and Open-Xchange

VoipNow 2.0.3 was released, this is the first news. There are many bug fixes and also several interesting new features also. The next version of VoipNow will be 2.0.4, which is a minor release that will include VoipNow Automation. Speaking of Automation it is still not releasable, but we are making progresses with every day passed. The next major version of VoipNow will be VoipNow 2.1.0 and it’s scheduled for end of Q4 2009.

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Eight Lessons You Should Not Learn the Hard Way

I am constantly monitoring our Help Desk tickets. I am looking for improvement ideas, common mistakes (for example if many people make the same mistake, we must change something in the product) and generally anything that can improve our products and services.

That’s why I was able to discover some surprising things, one of the most important in my perspective being related to our customer’s education related to production systems management. I will discuss about VoipNow, because it’s more complex, but everything below can be considered best practice (in my opinion, of course).

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VoipNow Automation Updates

For the past weeks the blog has been quiet. We didn’t want to shut it down or reduce it to silence, but we have worked a LOT. We’ve worked on many levels – not only on product development, but also on related things that will help sustain our company’s development. Many changes were based on your feedback, thank you for sending them to us. You will see a lot of interesting stuff in the next period 🙂

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What will be new in VoipNow 2.0.2?

With VoipNow 2.0.2 we are focused on fixing bugs that were discovered on VoipNow 2 branch and that could not have been solved on VoipNow 2.0.1 due to various reasons (usually due to major impact). We also improved system performance and improved interoperability.

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Thank YOU for Helping us!

This message is for all VoipNow 2 beta testers and generally for anyone that had an input regarding VoipNow 2. In the VoipNow 2 beta session we got over 2,000 subscribers. According to our records, more than 45% installed the product, which is quite good. Based on their feedback we discovered two critical bugs – thank you! In the past two months many people saw VoipNow 2 and they really liked the product. Actually, the fact that we didn’t receive much criticism is quite disturbing, so please go ahead, tell us also about the bad things. We are listening.

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Google Sucks?

I don’t think so. Only that the last Google employees I discussed with in the past four months had the same answer to a pretty common question “Do you enjoy working for Google?”. Maybe Google has a policy – “Don’t tell anyone about your work!”, but such a policy does not explain the answer “Yes, it’s very nice, there are a lot of benefits”. When I asked about benefits, not even one mention thing was related to the work. I expected at least one answer like: “I like what I do” or “I like working with smart people” or “I want to get involved in something that will charge the world”. Nope, only medical insurance, on-site meals, kindergarten, bonuses … If these guys were teached to say nothing about their work, I don’t think it’s a smart corporate move. If they don’t fell like it worth to mention the work they do there, than a bigger issue. In any case, it’s Google’s problem. What do you think?

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On the Way to Vegas

After three days in New York (business and visiting old friends), I am on the way to Parallels Summit 2009 in Las Vegas.I will join my colleague who have already arrived there. I am pretty sure that will be an interesting gathering. The main news we have for the summit is the VoipNow 2 Beta. We will have a demo server so you can see more and we will be able to conduct some demonstrations. People who subscribed to the Beta Program will be able to download and play with the software.

We expect feedback from you. There are important changes compared to VoipNow 1.6.5 (most architectural related), therefore it is increasingly important to get your feedback.

See you in Vegas!

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