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For the past weeks the blog has been quiet. We didn’t want to shut it down or reduce it to silence, but we have worked a LOT. We’ve worked on many levels – not only on product development, but also on related things that will help sustain our company’s development. Many changes were based on your feedback, thank you for sending them to us. You will see a lot of interesting stuff in the next period 🙂

Many people ask us what happens with Automation – when is it going to be released? We initially planned to release the first version on June, but after internal discussions we decided that’s not the best time. This was due to many reasons, like: many people would not have tested it in June, the mid summer release was not business appealing, there were still some important things that should have got to the first version.

In fact, the last reason was the most important. We take an incremental approach on developing software, with each increment solving issues and adding features. Our idea was to try to complete two or three more development cycles before releasing the product to the public. This was a very good thing because during this time we dramatically improved the internal APIs, which means that we will open more the product to third party developers and also we improved the product’s usability.

Right now, we expect to launch VoipNow Automation Beta in September. I know that many of you guys need it ASAP, but I assure you that this delay brings important business value that will compensate. We faced a huge pressure to release Automation faster, there are over one thousand emails on sales email asking when Automation is going to be released. And a bit of history. When we were a smaller/immature company, we made some mistakes and we learned a hard lesson from them. For example, we were often pushed to release faster and we did. While initially this looked to be done in the customer’s best interest, in fact it was against his interest because it affected reliability. That’s why we decided to make our rules tougher (to summarize the release policy – we release only when we are satisfied about the product) in order to avoid something like this happening in the future. I know that some clients don’t like this policy, but I also know that customers that are doing serious business will appreciate the results.

BTW, meanwhile, we added several new payment plug-ins and there are others where we will request for your help because we cannot test them (we cannot open an account with an Australian bank for example).

And a hot news that maybe you didn’t expect: VoipNow 2.0.3 is close. Very close. And yes, it will have some new features. 🙂


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  • This is all FANTASTIC news guys. As much as I’d like to be using Automation “tomorrow”, I think your policy to hold off until something is closer to at least an RC rather than Beta is a wise one.

    In the meantime, if you need help with testing an Australian payment gateway for Westpac’s PayWay API, then count me in! I’ll happily help!

    I already have an active merchant account in place specifically for my VoIP services, and I have the ability to put the account into test or live mode as desired.

    If you’d like my help, please feel free to contact me directly.

    Looking forward to September!


    Kerry Denten 15 years ago Reply

  • It is some comfort that you mention Automation will be released in September, however, this should have been communicated in June when a Beta release was promised. VOIPNOW became the foundation of our ITSP’s when the decision was made to sign up with 4PSA. Our partners commitment is of most importance, as promises from partners are passed onto resellers and clients.

    After speaking to a number of VOIPNOW users and my growing reseller base(on multiple VOIPNOW servers), the main challenge still comes in automated credit addition.
    If a client runs out of credits at 2am on a Sunday, and he needs to make a call, he cannot wait until Monday 8am in order for the ITSP to manually process the payment into his account.

    I would STRONGLY suggest that 4PSA releases an API which can receive a message/email/entry from a specific secure static IP address which will tell the API to load X amount of money in X client (or reseller)’s billing credits… Given the format how this 4PSA API requires the info to sent to it can be programmed by our billing system.

    This API will be a ‘worker’ Just receive instructions and place the information where it is asked to.

    This by no means will reduce the value of VOIPNOW Automation, as I am sure that the added features will make it worthwhile upgrading, but meanwhile, it is impossible to run a VOIP business where prepaid airtime can be processed during office hours only, and needing to hire extra staff to process airtime manually (despite low margins and recession)

    Apologies for strong comments. I hope to receive a reply from Bogdan personally.

    Mohammad 15 years ago Reply

    • VoipNow allows this, we use it with it with SOAP API to recharge accounts.

      Sasha 15 years ago Reply

      • yes, i know you that. However, my point is that 4PSA should ave this features built-in, as most VOIP service providers like Skype, Fring, allows credit to be purchased online and automatically added. VOIPNOW ahouls also have this feature without the need for the ITSP to give the project to programmers to design…keep up the good work, !

        Mohammad 15 years ago Reply

  • Great news!!

    Can you perhaps update us about the new 2.0.3 features?


    Rogier 15 years ago Reply

  • Keep up the good work!!!

    Sasha 15 years ago Reply

  • Thanks, we try best.

    Mary 15 years ago Reply

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