What will be new in VoipNow 2.0.2?

With VoipNow 2.0.2 we are focused on fixing bugs that were discovered on VoipNow 2 branch and that could not have been solved on VoipNow 2.0.1 due to various reasons (usually due to major impact). We also improved system performance and improved interoperability.

  • VoipNow can generate Presence events on its own. The server also supports phone generated presence messages. You can setup on the extension basis what type of presence do you want to use. This fixes issues with Polycom phones that do not send their own status.
  • VoipNow can be installed behind NAT and it can also listen on two networks (and bridge messages between them). This also allows Amazon EC2 deployments.
  • Number portability engine integrated in Billing. Yes, we support portability using plugins, which means that we support any portability engine!
  • There are phones that do not subscribe to MWI. You can enable on each extension a feature that will send MWI messages ignoring the extension subscribe status.
  • Groups can be defined with Dahdi channels. For example, if you have a 60 E1 channels on your server, you do not have to define 60 channels, you can define only one.
  • Improved system performance. The system can answer to more calls per second.
  • It is possible to provision based on device MAC only. The user can choose between the default (more secure) and the MAC based provisioning mode on each extension. Linksys PAP2 provisioning was added to supported devices list.
  • Many T.38 bug fixes. Discovered T.38 scenarios not considered in VoipNow 2.0.1 were added.
  • Postfix server added to monitoring
  • Better integration with third party software, improved SOAP methods for integration with Billing platforms.

As you can see there are quite a lot of changes that will allow you to enjoy a better VoipNow.


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  • Any idea on when 2.0.2 will be out? We run on E1’s and the setup for the channels and channel groups is giving me headaches!

    Rutger Bevaart 15 years ago Reply

  • It would be nice if my clients have the feature “Share Line Appearance” on their respective client accounts for their extensions.

    For example:
    If assign 8 phone trunk lines to a client, they should be able to Share Line Appearance their 8 available lines between their many extensions.

    The phones Linksys, Cisco, Polycom are capable to do it, even the long timer beta developer Grandstream.

    Marco Basurco 15 years ago Reply

  • Hi Bogdan,

    Thanks for the list.
    One thing I don’t really understand. When you say “Number portability engine integrated in Billing..” what do you mean?
    What is Number Portability Engine?

    And what kind of billing do you actually have? I have seen no billing in ver 2.01, please explain.


    gulli 15 years ago Reply

  • GReat needed features (nat, listen 2 nets)…

    How long till it gets cooked out?

    excellent piece of soft by the way 🙂

    mrbarletta 15 years ago Reply

  • What is the release date?

    pat A. 15 years ago Reply

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