Google Sucks?

I don’t think so. Only that the last Google employees I discussed with in the past four months had the same answer to a pretty common question “Do you enjoy working for Google?”. Maybe Google has a policy – “Don’t tell anyone about your work!”, but such a policy does not explain the answer “Yes, it’s very nice, there are a lot of benefits”. When I asked about benefits, not even one mention thing was related to the work. I expected at least one answer like: “I like what I do” or “I like working with smart people” or “I want to get involved in something that will charge the world”. Nope, only medical insurance, on-site meals, kindergarten, bonuses … If these guys were teached to say nothing about their work, I don’t think it’s a smart corporate move. If they don’t fell like it worth to mention the work they do there, than a bigger issue. In any case, it’s Google’s problem. What do you think?

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  • Don’t worry bro. Since Google is going away from search engines and stopped improving experience for home computers they’ll make an automated city where no worries will ever befall you again and you won’t need a search engine.

    Of course it will eventually be only for the new GPR (Google Precison Robotics) company that will make robots replacing humans to eliminate human waste. It’s a step up to the world humanity problem we face.

    Your choice is to either be outmoded and taken to the *chop shop* or get a suit and be one of them. All you’ll ever need is an oil change *shower* and a battery charge (Mc Donalds). No more CO2.

    Google will even provide free temp workers for your office! If one dies or falls apart they’ll replace it for free thru Google Plus but that doesn’t always mean it will be timely.

    There will even be robot precision cows to eliminate methane from passing gas thru DNA extraction. No need for mufflers on cows butts.

    You will have safety cams in you so they can protect you and even stop you from thinking if you have sensitive information that could get *leaked* in the noise and if you drive when they don’t want they even have the ability to kill your Google Self Driving vehicle or kill you while riding in it.

    You will be guided at all times except when lights are out at 10pm curfew for a battery charge or when extreme solar activity happens. (power down)

    Google Self Sustaining Cities and Temps coming soon to a nation and possibly an office near you.

    This episode gets 15 stars out of 10.

    SortingHat 8 years ago Reply

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