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DNS Manager 3.0.1 maintenance release

Yes, we made available yesterday a new version of DNS Manager. From the functionality point of view this is a minor update, but there are some annoying bugs fixed as well.

This will be most likely the last version before the DNS Manager 3.2 release, which will come with many interesting new features, like support for SRV, NAPTR, IPv6, automatic round robin, etc. You guessed, it’s very easy to build VoIP infrastructures with the new version and we also included the support for round robin load balancing on the DNS Manager level. It’s not a simple round robin, but the resource monitoring is built into the server.

Meanwhile check the DNS Manager 3.0.1 announcement

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Help us prioritize posts…

We have so many ideas for new discussion subjects… Unfortunately this makes quite difficult to prioritize posts. Please let us know what do you want to read about and we will do our best to satisfy you all.

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Discount code for blog readers!

Yes, I managed to get approved a discount code for blog readers. It is available until the end of the month, but I am sure that some others will follow. The discount code is:


As far as I know it’s case sensitive, so make sure that you use it this way in the 4PSA Store.

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Yes, we will start to post on this blog

This blog has been dead for the last two years. When we created it, we really wanted to share interesting things and visions with it, but unfortunately we were too busy to write here :(. The fact that we finally decided to do something about this was influenced by several things:

1. I think that the time spent on this blog will be usefull for our customers. I usually find myself in the position to explain over and over the same thing, and I could explain it only once. Here.
2. We reshaped the blog to be more like a “product blog”.  So most topics will cover products, functionality and features. Of course, there will be some general posts also.
3. I hope we will gather feedback from comments.

Please do not hesitate to comment.

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Here, in the 4PSA Blog you will find articles written by 4PSA staff members and their friends. We hope that you will enjoy this new area because here there are interesting people who have something to say. There will be articles about software development, Open Source, Linux, servers, hosting, enterprise and so on. We do not have any settled limits. If it’s interesting, it will be published. If you can comment and contribute, we really appreciate it.

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