Yes, we have a contest!

Do you want to go to WebhostingDay 2009? You will like this event because there you can really “touch” the industry:

– you will find new business opportunities
– you will meet your competition
– you will meet your vendors
– you will make new friends
– you will have a lot of fun

We have a contest where you can win an invitation to WHD 2009 and a VoipNow 2 license. You will just have to answer to five short questions. On 26 February the computer will randomly select (as randomly possible using software :)) three three lucky winners between participants that score best. Questions are really easy, you can answer them without any issue. Good luck!

We will sponsor WebhostingDay 2009, so you will be able to find us there. We will also have a hosting.SESSION presentation we promise to be interesting, don’t forget to attend it! 🙂

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