New 4PSA Software for Plesk 9

We released yesterday new 4PSA software packages for Plesk 9. There are a number of general improvements that affected all products (as we have 11 packages for Plesk, I will not discuss about any particular product, but about things that affected all of them):

New installer. This installer works (for the moment) with Linux distributions that support RPM packaging (Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Suse). It is very easy to install bundles or separate products with the installer, as you only have to choose the packages you want to install.

Virtuozzo templates. All products can be installed much faster on Virtuozzo machines, due to the EZ templates.

Plesk 9 Resellers support. One of the top improvements in Plesk 9 is the support for an additional control layer, Resellers. This is quite important for hosting businesses, for example VoipNow had this management layer since its first release 2.5 years ago.

All 4PSA software for Plesk 9 requires new licenses. Because people use to forget about SUS and reinstatements, we also prepared a promotion. Customers with an expired SUS can now reinstate their license at renewal prices (54% discount). The promotion is also valid for 4PSA for Plesk Bundles.

To take advantage of this promotion, use the discount code plesk9 in the online store.

The promotion is valid until 31 December 2008.

PS. Contact sales AT if you want to receive a quote for the Plesk 9 Professional Upgrade Service. It’s the fastest way to upgrade your server to Plesk 9 in a secure and reliable way.

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