VoipNow Browser Module, Ultimate Integration

We had the idea of this product when we realized that it’s very difficult and frustrating to integrate two software products. I can explain how hard it is to integrate two products from different vendors and how nice it is to stay updated with new releases. I think that all of you imagine how such a process works.

Fortunately, for VoipNow we had an interesting integration idea. Most of the people who wanted to integrate with VoipNow wanted to achieve click to call functions. For example, a vendor offering a mail server wanted their customers to be able to click on the contact phone number in order to call the contact. A CRM vendor wanted to offer mostly the same thing in order to provide sales guys with a quick contact method.

Although not difficult to achieve this with VoipNow CallAPI, the actual integration is the problem, because many products have a closed source, and even if they expose a method to do this (like an API) this would have required accommodation with that API, a design step, a coding step, a QA one, etc. An expensive and resource consuming process.

This is why we designed and created VoipNow Browser Module. We call it the Ultimate Integration, because it creates the integration between VoipNow and ANY web based application, even very dynamic ones that heavily use AJAX. The user must download VoipNow Browser Module, setup it to connect to the VoipNow user account and that’s all. In all browser windows the user will open, he will see all phone numbers replaced with a nice link. When the user clicks on a link his phone number will ring and he will be connected to that number. Easy, isn’t it?

Once again, why we see it as the Ultimate Integration? Because VoipNow works closely together with:

1. Applications we don’t know about
2. Applications that were not even released
3. Any website on the Internet

Did I mention that is free? Download and play with it. I think you understood that VoipNow is required for the module to connect to & the nice thing is that you can use it even if you have a VoipNow account from your provider (you are not the server administrator). And yes, providers are welcome to redistribute it and offer it to their customers. πŸ™‚

Be aware that currently it’s available for Internet Explorer only, but a module for Firefox will follow.


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  • Neat plugin .. its very much like the default browser plugin that skype installs. Also hope that you make a firefox plugin!

    Marcel 16 years ago Reply

  • There is a very big difference. Skype does not work on AJAX, this means that works only on HTML pages, not on applications πŸ™‚

    4psa 16 years ago Reply

  • Unfortunately their is no plugin that would ever get me to use Internet Exploder er.. Explorer!

    Marcel 16 years ago Reply

  • We will release a Firefox module also. The decision to release first the Explorer module was based on the following facts: 1. it still has a larger market share and 2. it’s more complicated to implement πŸ™‚

    4psa 16 years ago Reply

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