Amazon EC2 packaging and support

Just a quick notice that Amazon EC2 is an official deployment platform for VoipNow. Basically this means that you can use EC2 in order to install VoipNow very easily (it actually takes several minutes), because we provide a VoipNow image that can be used when you install a machine on EC2.

What is so nice about EC2? Actually there are multiple reasons:

– pay as you grow model (you pay only for what you use).

– Amazon EC2 is a highly reliable platform

– deployment is very fast, you do not have to wait to get the server

– the service scales pretty well

– it is possible to share information with other machines on EC2

– you can get your instance installed in US or Europe (and maybe other locations in the future)

This initiative is pretty interesting especially for companies that have problems locating a provider offering VoipNow they can agree on. It is also very easily to evaluate VoipNow on this infrastructure, just think that you will pay around 10USD for several days of VoipNow evaluation on Amazon EC2!

Of course, you will need an Amazon Web Services account to play with it, but you can easily signup online. How to deploy VoipNow on Amazon EC2 using the 4PSA provided AMI.

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