VoipNow Desktop is Available

Essentially VoipNow Desktop packages in the same installer our VoipNow Browser modules for IE and Firefox (actually some improved versions, right now on version 2) with a modified version of the Open Source Outcall and TAPI driver for Asterisk.

There were several reasons why we decided to take these projects, improve them and bundle them in a package. The most important reason was that end-users needed click to call or call notification functions in Microsoft Windows. While we planed to have these requirements addressed by a new, larger project, we realized that there were a lot of customers with basic needs that needed a solution fast. That’s why we usually recommended one (or both) of the Open Source projects above. While it was pretty easy to make such a recommendation, it was very hard for service providers to support them, because installation was hard, confusing and in certain situations a lot of issues occurred.

That’s why we decided to fork the projects and improve them. We simplified the interconnection with VoipNow, improved overall end-user experience and added missing features. There were also many reliability issues addressed due a formal testing session. Of course, everything is free. You can also redistribute the installer to your customers as long as you do not charge them to use it.

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