VoipNow Hosted in Europe

Finally we introduced VoipNow hosted in Europe. Servers are located in Netherlands, in a location that provides excellent connectivity to the entire Europe. We ran some latency and packet loss tests with several contries in Europe and the results are very good. Check the latency figures below:

Austria – 28ms
Belgium – 16ms
France – 18ms
Germany – 18ms
Italy – 30ms
Hungary – 35ms
Romania – 44ms
Rusia – 55ms
Spain – 40ms
Turkey – 90ms
UK – 12ms

You can find more details about the hosted service here..

We are analysing the possibility to also provide DNS Manager hosted, because providers need DNS servers located outside their premises. With this hosted DNS Manager infrastructure, would be very easy to add a second, third, etc DNS server that is not affected by network outages. Please do not hesitate to comment about this :).

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  • DNS Manager provided as an option would be something we are very interrested in. Please contact me regarding this.

    Chris 12 years ago Reply

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