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How to Work with a Bad Listener

Effective communication is crucial for success in any workplace. For the process to be effective, you need good speakers and good listeners. When someone is an ineffective speaker or a bad listener and communication fails, it can lead to misunderstandings, errors, and missed opportunities.

How to Work with a Bad Listener

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12 Common Types of Communication in the Workplace

Communicating effectively within a company is critical both for the organization, but also for the individuals involved. The most successful people on the planet are the best communicators. The most successful companies are those able to communicate their message in the most effective ways. At this point, the importance of communication in the workplace is unquestionable. However, it can be classified in several ways, depending on who, and how, is sending, and receiving the message.

Common Types of Workplace Communication

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Make Your Holiday Communication Great (Again)

The holiday season is also a season of vacations and time off. In fact, almost all (97 percent) of American workers expect to have Thanksgiving and Christmas off. New Year’s Day and Eve, Christmas Eve, and Black Friday are also popular days to close offices. During this time, many people use their vacation days and take a little extra time for themselves. As a result, your office goes quiet and so does your holiday communication.

Make Your Holiday Season Business Communication Great Again

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Getting Your Team Ready for Summer: The Hybrid Work Edition

July has just begun, which means summer is upon us—at least here, in the Northern Hemisphere 🙂 Kids are already out of school, sun is on full display, days are long and hot, and vacations are in the works. No doubt, this is an enjoyable season—but if you’re not careful, productivity can take a nosedive. Is your team ready?

Getting Your Team Ready for the Summer Hybrid Work

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6 Ways to Maintain a Remote Work Life Balance

In the past year, more people have started working from home than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic closed down businesses and many of those still standing strong are now working remotely. While most people are happy to work from the comfort of their own home, it also makes it difficult to separate work from personal life. In US, no less than 7 in 10 remote employees are struggling to achieve a healthy remote work life balance during this pandemic.

Ways to Maintain a Remote Work Life Balance

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Boost your Team’s Productivity with these Remote Working Tips

Business leaders can agree that last year has marked a turning point in the work from home trend. Even before the COVID-19 shutdown, remote work had gained some considerable traction. Yet, in 2020, it became the norm for millions of employees across the globe. Providing some remote working tips and strategies for employees and leaders alike has become paramount. And this is especially true for those that didn’t have remote work in place before.

Boost your team's productivity with these remote working tips

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Why you need company values and procedures to thrive in business

Company values are the core set of principles that your company stands by and promotes. Some might think these are just a bunch of nice-sounding slogans or a marketing stunt meant to attract customers. But when you stand by your values and place them at the core of your business, they can act as a guide for your employees in those unpredictable situations that aren’t mapped by your set of procedures. 

Procedures are a well-established set of rules that let people know how they should behave in certain situations. These are in place to make the workflow predictable, the operations quicker, and the overall business more effective. However, you can’t possibly have rules for any possible situation, and you must make sure that your employees make the best decisions in those unpredictable situations. Therefore, both values and procedures are important for the prosperity of your business. 

Why you need company values and procedures to survive

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