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How to Help Your Teammates Without Sabotaging Your Own Work

Every work day finds us focusing on our projects, striving to meet deadlines and finish tasks before we leave the office. But that’s not all we do, is it? We also spend a lot of time helping teammates who need our advice and input. Most often, we’re eager to help. But at the end of the day, when we realize we didn’t meet that deadline or we’re not even half way through that critical task, we have mixed feelings. Helping teammates felt good, but it took too much of our time and energy, and we neglected our work.
So, what motivates us to jump in and help, and how can we do it while staying productive?

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What Ancient China Can Teach Us About Onboarding New Employees

Have you ever wondered what’s the story behind the Terracotta Army? It so happens that, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I discovered an amazing documentary about the Chinese emperor who ordered the creation of the terracotta statues of his soldiers. While learning more about ancient China, I realized that this 2,500 years old civilization had an incredible onboarding process (better than some modern-day companies) and we can learn a lot from it.

Onboarding New Employees | Hubgets

The Terracotta Army (Image Source: Colin Capelle)

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Focus Your Communication Flows with Hubgets

Answering emails and phone calls, sending feedback, attending meetings – if this is the kind of situation you face every day, you’ll be happy to know there’s a better, more productive way to communicate with your team. Let’s see how you can gain more control of your time and reduce the number of disturbing factors.

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3 Tips to Solve Communication Problems with Your Clients

So what’s the secret behind successful customer relationship management? This question is no doubt on everyone’s lips these days and has turned into a hot topic for most businesses. If you’re looking for potential solutions, here’s one: find a proper communication channel which meets the needs of your organization and clients at the same time.

Communication Problems with Clients | Hubgets

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