Technology Delivers Only When You Ask The Right Questions

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Is the product that you’re about to deploy user friendly, interoperable, scalable? Is your company waiting for others to take the plunge to consider new technology safe or viable? Does the product require radical infrastructure modifications to be deployed? These are just some of the questions that need to be asked when scouring the market for Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions.

What is Unified Communications anyway? Ask ten different people and you’re likely to get ten different answers. The reality is that UC has been waiting on the launch pad for well over a decade, and yet only a handful of industries have managed to wrap their heads around it. How did they do it? Simple. By asking these questions before buying.

Will it do what I want?

If you’re like most companies, chances are you have meetings on a regular basis. Boring, tedious meetings that rarely get things moving in the right direction. Make the topic of your next meeting “Eradicating Meetings Through Collaboration Software.” Put this in your slideshow, see which features align with your institution, and your question will be answered in under 10 minutes. Instant messaging, topic discussions, voice and video, file sharing, presence, all in one place that we can all call home: the browser.

Will my infrastructure support it?

If you’re looking at your aging PBX system, you’re asking the right question. There aren’t many solutions out there…. Okay, there are a few. But they weren’t around when the UC revolution started, and we can proudly say we were there to fuel it with VoipNow. Beyond the advanced telephony features, IM, presence, video, call center functionalities and business BYOD mobility, it puts an interface over your entire IP PBX infrastructure. As an admin, you get to set rules and permissions, as well as scale the model up or down depending on your current needs. If you suddenly want to add 1,000 new people to the party, VoipNow is ready to handle the extra workload with a few mouse clicks. And if you don’t want to handle maintenance, we’ve got the Cloud OnDemand package that gives you the same communication software hosted in our cloud infrastructure. Wherever you are, we’ll make sure to get a Professional Services team working on your scenario. Plus, you can take VoipNow on the road with this cool mobile app.

Will it cost more?

More than what? Coffee at Starbucks? Yes, costs us more than that, so you can bet we’ll charge for them. But if you’re asking if it costs more than replacing your entire infrastructure with dedicated collaboration hardware and clunky desk phones that only have an extra button on them, then the answer is no. Hubgets and VoipNow have been designed from the ground up to help the end-users, namely businesses, improve their communication and collaboration. The pricing is competitive, and the best part is that you can deploy in-house (on your existing hardware) or remotely, in the cloud. Not many vendors can promise that.

So: usability, compatibility, and delivered promises. If these are the pressing matters keeping you on the fence, we’ve just made it easier for you 😉

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